I found myself pondering the idea of teaching. More precisely, the teaching of spiritual truths. Of course that’s what I attempt to do in all my work whether it is serious, light hearted, straightforward or wrapped up in a fantastical tale, spiritual truth is ever at its heart. Indeed the seven Principles of The Wholly Grail are always hidden within the text and have become the framework for my philosophy about attaining a state of equilibrium and inner peace in an ever increasingly stressful world.

The Wholly Grail is not an ancient philosophy, it’s a new package for an old one (as old as the search for the Holy Grail may be, stretching back far beyond our misconceptions of its origins). It was never a mystical cup. It predates legends of High Kings of England and his loyal chivalrous knights. The Holy Grail and now The Wholly Grail has ever been man’s (and woman’s) search to find him/herself through knowing God, or if you like: the search for God through knowing him/herself. It’s the same outcome.

This teaching thing though, it meets with opposition. There are those who don’t like the method, there are those who don’t like the message, and if you decide this life is for you, you have to understand that there will be times when those that came before you will attempt to discredit your work. Sometimes it feels personal, wrapped up in carefully concealed criticism so ingeniously crafted that you may actually be unsure of whether or not you’ve just been insulted by an ancient quote from a long dead predecessor of a similar profession and sometimes it’s not about you or your work at all.

People’s opinions are never actually about you. Opinions are simply that. Though they may constitute what feels true for the person expressing them, they certainly don’t need to be absorbed as your truth too. Don’t feel you need to take it on board at all, don’t rise to it, to justify it and don’t crumble under it. Let them have their say… then keep on being you. Keep on contributing. I know I intend to.

No matter how flowery the narrative, the centre of the message is always one of love… love for oneself, love for one’s fellow knights on the path (a group to which even the critics belong), love of life and this beautiful playground we were given to enact the process upon… and of course the love of God or whatever you choose to call the overarching presence to which we all belong.

There are one or two Principles hidden in here, see if you can spot them.

More later… x


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  1. Morning Jo ☀️I enjoyed reading this post and the Cinderella oneI think the latter speaks to me – I need to just be me more.
    Are the two hidden principles I Am God and I Am Truth? The first principle is something ( among many others) that I pray for/ meditate on each time I walk Ziggy. I ask to be able to feel compassion and tolerance for everyone I meet, to always give them the benefit of the doubt, to let me always be conscious of context; and in being able to eventually have this ability, to be able to see God in everyone.
    Have a lovely day☀️
    Many blessings,
    Anna x

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