Ambiguity is not your friend. When it comes to getting what you want, whether it be in terms of material manifestation or simply in the way your life and the people in it show up for you, clarity of intent is key to ensuring an outcome you will be delighted with.

Principle 4:  I AM Truth is not just a spiritual concept but a powerful mantra to live by and one that is paramount in the co-creation of an amazing journey. Though it is, as are all The Grail Principles, applicable to everyone and therefore the truth becomes subjective, I want here to focus on my truth because that’s the only truth that can possibly have meaning for me (as yours would be for you). Having an open mind however, I’m prepared to allow my truth to evolve and flow as new knowledge enters the arena of my perception… that being said though, my values, the basic presets for my experience, take far more convincing to shift than the emotive ideas that may swell and fade with the arrival of new information.

When your values are ambiguous you become as an untethered balloon being battered around with the gentlest of breezes, allowing yourself to be dictated to, ordered around by the nearest loud voice and somewhere in the chaos your truth morphs into someone else’s and your life becomes unrecognisable… you essentially become a prisoner of someone else’s rules and standards.

Defining your values isn’t necessarily an easy task until you find them being challenged, for example: can you list your values now? No? Some may say that even values are simple programming and can be undone, but for me, values are a set of core beliefs that define who you are and when someone wants to take them away from you, your soul cries out to warn you that something is so very wrong and the culprit does not match your criteria for a happy life.

Finding out you have opposing views with someone you’re invested in is one thing, but finding out you have opposing values is a clear sign that you’re incompatible… that’s the point when you must ask yourself the most poignant question ever: are you prepared to compromise yourself out of fear of losing something that in reality will be the very thing that causes you to lose yourself?

Ambiguity is not your friend. If you want your needs to be met, get clear about your values. Your deepest and most sacred truth is and always should be Principle 1:  I AM God… Don’t compromise on your God self… He would never compromise on you.

More later… x

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