The Wholly Grail Principle I discuss least of all is Principle 5: I AM Liberated. This part of the Grail is associated with unburdening yourself from the excess material baggage that ends up imprisoning you into unhealthy routines such as working long hours or retaining stressful employment positions or other unfulfilling roles to maintain a lifestyle that, as a result you either don’t have time for or are otherwise too tired to enjoy… but this month as a bit of a challenge for this the first Monday of October, I’d like you to investigate the idea of time as a basis for liberating yourself.

Imagine for a moment that you were completely free… liberated… no plans… no commitments, what would you do, be, have, create or become?

It’s an overwhelming exercise for those of you who are used to being busy but I’m not asking you to be lazy, I’m not asking you to sit idle, I’m asking you to imagine and dream what life could be if you were free of the things you have to do to have the things you own.

Now don’t get confused here thinking I’m promoting vagrancy, or suggesting giving it all away like philanthropy on a never-before known scale, there are obviously things that we all need: basic shelter, food, clothing, relative safety, and companionship for example but to what degree?

Your challenge is to tally up the cost in time spent, opportunities lost, liaisons missed, smiles withheld, joyful moments unexperienced, memories never created… simply because you were busy maintaining the glitter.

I hope you find a moment in your schedule to reflect.

More later… x

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