September, over the last few years has become a bit of a crucible for me. I have for some reason set myself up with the most ludicrous of “trials by combat” perhaps with the underlying, definitely more subtle understanding that these replications of Jacob doing battle with an angel in the desert might shift the course of my personal Grail path to one more aligned with the divine plan… not that you can actually fall off plan you understand but you can definitely flow with it or brace for impact.

Storms in nature necessarily occur to create change, and when stagnation occurs God often sends in Archangel Uriel (whose name means “Light of God” or “Fire of God”) to rustle up a little thunder and lightening… The same is true for our lives. You cannot keep the Grail. Inner peace is a resting place that when practiced using The Grail Principles can help you survive the most challenging of situations but externally, peace is temporary, change must happen… and September is as good a time as any, eh?

School commences around this time each year and why should that be contained within the academic community? The school of life has seasons, terms and semesters just the same. This year for me though I went back to school early, I prompted the change by choosing a path, you might say I decided what I might major in this coming year and September looks set to line up the relevant teachers, tutors, lecturers and timetable. Early signs indicate that the Universe may up the ante on the curriculum this year and survival is the minimum grade for a pass.

This time last year I was foolish enough to let someone else choose the lesson plan but today, shuffling around my schedule, goals and my plans for my own personal pilgrimage to the supposed site of legendary Avalon later this month… I feel a sense of accomplishment already because I know something really important that the other Knight’s entering this particular tournament don’t know… I’m already a winner.

Experience is the only grade that actually matters and good, bad or ugly, all experience grows the soul. No exam to be taken. The storm is simply the universe rearranging the players and the playing field (just like my mixed metaphors).

Well rested and with joy in my heart… Let the joust commence!

(Medieval Princess drops hanky).

More later… x

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