Grail Oracle 6Grail Oracle Blue

The Intuitive Chalice Oracle has offered up a combination this week that will either thrill you or really piss you off!

Uniting Principle 6: I AM Self-Full with the royal blue of the throat chakra invites us to remember a time when mum would allow you to do or get you out of some school activity or other by writing a note… The Permission Slip.

What this energy flow is bringing in, is less about what the permission is for and more about the world being at odds with you on the issue of whose authorisation you need in order to do it.

As a child, it’s not so easy to override an adult’s instruction but as an adult, you have complete control over what you do, when you do it, who you do it with and for how long. Now, this may cause controversy within certain structures and organisations as we are a race of controlled, by the book, oh-my-goodness-me-I-couldn’t possibly-make-a-spontaneous-self-indulgent-decision type of people, and so when we do, eyebrows are raised, air gets sucked in and judgemental looks a plenty start rolling your way.

This week you are being asked to take control of your personal “No” and indulge your personal “Yes” on the things that are true for you, recognising when and where you are communicating with conviction or simply making excuses because you believe you owe someone an explanation for the choices you make for your own life. Nobody has the right to dictate the course of your life provided you aren’t breaking any laws and you are not required to justify being happy… this week you have the perfect opportunity to be the one who metaphorically writes the permission slip, and in doing so you can clearly communicate your needs with confidence. Communication need not be wrapped up in lengthy explanations when a simple “this is the way things are” will suffice.

Why would this piss you off? Maybe it’s just me but nobody enjoys being told what they can and can’t do, feel or say… Don’t ask a Grail Knight to justify being Self-Full… only God gets to do that.

Happy express yourself week!

More later… x

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