Is there any wonder we walk through life constantly searching for the next big thing? If we’re honest with ourselves we are all seeking something: abundance, recognition, acceptance, happiness… we can give it a thousand or more names and none of them will quite fill the void, and each time we do achieve one of these things it seems fleetingly shallow. There’s a particularly good reason for this transient phenomenon and that reason is God.

Oh yes, let’s put the blame on God for our inability to be content… not quite what I mean. What I mean is simple: it’s God that we are searching for.

Only when you experience the Divine in any given circumstance do you actually feel fulfilled however temporarily, and temporary is exactly what that experience will be until you embrace the experience of God within you.

Now for those non-religious, finding-it-tough-to digest-the-word-God among you, you may be ready to dismiss this as mere hogwash but before you do, let me swap out the word “God” and transpose “Love” in it’s place. You see, it doesn’t matter what you call It, it’s the same thing (except it’s not actually a thing at all). The problem is you’re looking for it everywhere except in the one place where it resides: within you.

A state of discontent arises when you forget who you are, and who you are is Love. Stop looking for love and show it, stop asking for love and give it, stop waiting for love and be it… Love is a self generating force that multiplies by itself and of its own accord when you recognise that you have the power within you to heal all, including yourself just by asking “How can I best serve Love?”

Start now.

Principle 1: I AM God (or I AM Love).

More later… x



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