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Exit apparently! No, seriously, E is for… exploration.

After we touched on the subject of Principle 6: I AM Self-Full and the readjustment of focus back towards your own major life goals in the last couple of posts, and particularly the need to prepare yourself for the task ahead regardless of the potential future obstacles that you may encounter that you have no control over, it’s now time to look at the pear (the goal), in fact the whole pear tree from a different angle.

Exploration in this case is about seeking out what feels right for you and indeed understanding what your options are. What’s right for you… again a Self-Full not selfish action. Fulfilling one’s own needs and emotional, spiritual and physical requirements isn’t about being independent its about being autonomous and responsible for at least your own part in your life story (I say your part because your life story is far from devoid of other characters) but if you reach the end and you didn’t at least do everything you could to reach your goals then you will leave this life with regrets, and how sad would that be? So first define your “pear,” (the goal) then prepare yourself in mind, body and spirit for the journey towards it and then start the exploration of options.

If your pear was Mount Everest, or reaching it’s summit, you would first have to consider how you’d like to climb it, right? There are many paths to climb a mountain and Everest had more than one face. Sure, people are going to tell you, your unorthodox choice is impossible and you should settle for a tried and tested route but will that be the best route for YOU? You’re going to have to choose a guide. Some look better than others, some have more ornate base camps, flashy stationery and better insurance, but the old local guy in the furs has lived with the mountain his entire life so ask yourself what the goal is again: is it to get to the top of the mountain or to ensure your family get a good pay out when you fall off or get crushed under an avalanche?… Oh yes, get to the top of the mountain, (and safely back down of course). So explore your options and ensure you choose those options through love and not fear, through passion for the project. Whatever your pear may actually represent, there is a reason it grew upon your tree and to allow that fruit to rot or become windfall because somebody else’s dream or goal got in the way or because you were too afraid to try would be tragic.

P is for Preparation. Your preparation can continue through this process as now you have more specific information and can tailor and hone the physical prep.

E is for Exploration…

Be Self-Full today and I’ll back on Monday with the next instalment, meanwhile tomorrow is Oracle day so look out for that post.

More later… x

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