I really hope you’ve managed to catch the last few posts as they have been bridging the gap between you and a fully opened heart. We began by dispelling the time trap, looked at motives behind forgiveness and tested our need for approval, now let’s explore how material possessions entrap our daily focus.

‘Things’ are fun, aren’t they? Well aren’t they? They certainly should be, that’s why we have them, but what happens when they stop being fun?

It’d be fun to have a nice car, a big house, the latest mobile phone, an Italian designer suit… you list all the things it’d be fun to have if you like as a bit of an exercise, after all, we spend so much time these days talking about manifesting… the perfect job, the perfect partner, the perfect… nothing is perfect and in a universe built on balance everything has a positive and a negative attribute.

We are governed by the law of attraction sure, but we are also governed by the law of consequence or cause and effect… be sure you are willing to pay the toll for what it is that you want. Once it’s yours it’s also your responsibility.

Let’s take that perfect job for example… now you have it, can you do it? Can you put in the hours? Can you sacrifice the freedom? Can you sacrifice the family time?… now there’s a newcomer who shows promise and your position is threatened, what do you do, up the ante? Put in more hours? Compete? Are you trying to maintain your perfect job?… is it even your perfect job anymore?

We hold on for dear life to the things we worked hard for, put so much effort into and sacrificed to get but when is that sacrifice no longer in balance with the benefit?

Is it still a fun thing?

Investment is not the same as ownership. In this world, this life, you own nothing and you can take nothing with you into the next one so rather than own stuff that eventually owns you, your time, your energy, your focus, your resources, your health and your freedom, now is the perfect moment to start investing…

Invest in your health, your loved ones, your freedom and your fun and in the serving of humanity… everything else is a waste of your precious gifts. The fourth hurdle – unravelling ownership, once overcome, changes your perspective from greedy to gratitude and makes every ‘thing’ in the world shine brighter… you can taste it all as long as you’re willing to pay the ultimate price: everything you have, has a piece of you.

Principle 5: I AM Liberated.

More later… x

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