Over the last couple of posts we shed light on the fallacy that is time and uncovered blame’s hold over forgiveness. Today let’s look at the truth.

The search for approval is a battle that is seldom won without some form of compromise or radical transformation through learning, it is a search that often tramples over authenticity.

Embracing your own personal truth can be a scary prospect when it sets you up in opposition to the truth of another… without faith in your place on the path, your connection to the God force flowing through you, this apparently irreconcilable difference of opinion or point of view will cause you to question what you hold dear and even question your sanity at times. The first thing you have to embrace is the discomfort… don’t automatically assume that someone has to be right and someone has to be wrong… if only the universe was quite so black and white.

Authenticity is holding the faith with what you know to be true whilst allowing room for growth through new learning. It’s not about being right it’s about being faithful. Have I used the word faithful enough? Who are you dishonouring by allowing your position to be toppled by a loud voice or a heavy hand? Only yourself and God, after all you are God remember? God lives in your faith, and driving a wedge between you and what you instinctively know to be true to your heart (between God and your heart) for the sake of fitting in, being liked or pleasing someone else will ultimately lead to separation… which if you have paid attention to the last couple of posts is the same as low self-worth, separation from God/Yourself will lead to resentment which in turn will lead to separation from the very person or people that you compromised your truth to remain attached to… sad turn of events that what you traded for, you ultimately lost. Is it worth it?

Authenticity has little to do with winning (sounds familiar), it has nothing to do with oppression of free will, it has everything to do with celebrating difference, variety, and in some cases even uncertainty. Uncertainty leads to invention and invention to evolution… growth.

But we feel the need to be heard, don’t we? God hears you, he witnesses your position and can clearly define the journey you undertook to reach your current state of understanding and from His/Your perspective all is as it should be but God walked the path with everyone else too and their positions, though different from yours are just as perfect in their conclusions as yours are.

When you expect approval from any external source, you set yourself up for disappointment and rejection. This is not an indication that your truth is wrong, it is proof that your audience already has a truth of its own and either it is not yet ready to hear, or it is not open to embrace something new.

Listen with respect to opinions of others but recognise that true wisdom leads you home to God… if it feels like leaving yourself behind, let it go.

The third hurdle – unravelling authenticity, is simply about communicating dispassionately, without holding any attachment to how you are being perceived… don’t go changing!

Principle 4: I AM Truth

Look out for The Fourth Hurdle next week and in the meantime I’ll be back tomorrow with a free reading from The Intuitive Chalice Oracle… x

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