Between God and your heart, between you and home sit 5 seemingly insurmountable obstacles, the first of which is time.

The concept itself is flawed as in heaven time does not exist. Now don’t get yourself into that headspace where you start believing that you live outside of heaven because you dont, anymore than you exist outside of hell… these two opposing constructs are simply manifestations of your state being and your perception of it: heaven is home “Holding The Grail” whereas hell is feeling separate from, locked outside of and finding the cup empty.

It is said that time heals all things, this concept too is flawed. Recognising here and now that you are whole even in your emptiness allows the healing to occur and takes time out of the equation… the saying is therefore only true if you consider that the removal of time (or waiting) heals all things.

You can wait for an eternity to feel better or you can choose to feel better now. You can wait forever to have what you think will make you happy or you can be happy with what you have right now. Time makes no difference to how far from home you are or how far from God/Yourself you are, time is an illusory excuse to not take a chance on embracing all that you are meant to be… which you already are in this moment.

Time opens up a chasm between the wounding and the wounded and the wider the chasm, the more forgetful the wounded becomes… but the wound still exists. Closing the gap by taking time out of the equation completely allows you to face the hurt, pain, emptiness etcetera, head on, recognising that when you sit in the presence of your own vulnerability and don’t try to distract from it, fill it or obscure it in any way, shape or form that it is not your enemy it is your trusted ally, your best friend and your faithful servant. You have allowed time to hold you apart from you because you couldn’t face the intensity of who you really are.

Now you can see the first hurdle – unravelling detachment, don’t allow it to spill the contents of your cup again. Whatever you are suffering from or for, time is not your ally, being present with what’s true for now is.

Principle 2: I AM Detached

More later… x

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