Redress The Discord

The entire movement of the universe is motivated by growth and instructed by balance, you’re no different. The macrocosmic experience is mirrored by the microcosm in ever aspect of existence. This being the case it stands to reason that all our relationships are built on these two concepts too.

Over the last few days I’ve been investing my time in assessing the areas of my life that are out of balance, knowing full well that the point of balance is where the Grail is at its fullest and most evident in our lives… I’ve been investigating where my health is out of balance, where my finances are out of balance, where my focus and working life is out of balance and of course where my relationships are out of balance… but how do you know when your relationships are out of balance?

Principle 7: I AM Open-Hearted is an interesting concept because at its most basic it means allowing everything and everyone to enter and leave your life without it diminishing your love for them, this encompasses other Principles: those of detachment and liberation, but there is another much more elusive aspect to being Open-Hearted and that is the ability to allow yourself to give and receive in equal measure.

Allowing yourself to be compensated for expenditure of energy is a vital component in maintaining personal balance and nowhere are we more drained than by unbalanced relationships. Ask yourself: Am I getting as much as I’m giving? This is by no means a mercenary attitude and requires careful consideration as you may, upon deeper inspection, find that the universe is rewarding you from another source allowing you to continue to serve. The best way to understand how balanced a relationship is, is to observe the feeling going on within your own solar plexus each time you think about the other person involved… describe this feeling to yourself and if it’s unpleasant then maybe its time to either redress the discord or to cut loose completely…

Now if the membership section of the site were up and running today, Grail Knights would be able to access a Karmic Assessment Exercise to see how balanced their relationships are…

…but as its not available yet I’ll have to leave you to your own devices… it’s coming soon.

More later… x

Distant Echoes

Every morning I call in the angels to help guide me through the day whether I feel I need help or not. This morning Archangel Azrael asked me “Will you let us help you today?” I replied: “I will always let you help me but today I’m unsure what it is I need help with.” Azrael’s response was one I had not expected, he simply said “Are you at peace?”

It’s been a strange morning, I awoke early and turned over to go back to sleep. The feeling was not one of depression believing I had nothing to get up for, it was one of gratitude that today I had the opportunity to have a lie in. My first thought upon waking was a random memory of a summer day, a yellow tricycle that by today’s standards would be considered a health and safety hazard, psychedelic hotpants and legs that went on forever sporting scuffed knees, bare feet on weather-smoothed York stone flags… and I remember thinking that was almost 40 years ago, but I had no clue what triggered the memory other than the carefree pure innocent delight of being without concern for anything other than now and not needing to….

“Are you at peace?”

I searched myself for the answer. I feel calm, I thought; I’m not missing anything, other than the usual things that life propels you towards but even those seem little less than distant echoes for now; am I at peace?

I don’t feel un-peaceful (if that’s even a word), but if I search myself, I don’t feel peaceful either…

I found the words to answer Azrael, “I feel lost.”

“Then will you let us help you?”

“Is it not ok to feel lost? I’m not afraid here, I’m not uncomfortable, I see no reason to shift in any direction… I am always grateful for your assistance and I will never turn it down, but what is it I require assistance with?”

“Are you at peace?”

Sometimes it takes a higher perspective to elevate the feeling from detachment to contentment, from contentment to peace and from being lost to feeling joy in the centre of exactly nowhere. Nowhere, everywhere, right here, right now.

Principle 2: I AM Detached

May angels help you find your peace.

More later… x

The Momentary Mirage

Grail Oracle 2Grail Oracle Indigo

Just for a brief moment in time you may have caught a glimspe of life the way you want it…

Last week’s oracle delivered you a taste of the sense of peace and fulfilment that only The Wholly Grail can offer. It placed you firmly in the flow of the universal current of abundance and all manner of synchronicities aligned to give you reason to hope… actually beyond hope: you had complete faith…

That feeling was the glimpse I’m talking about.

The Momentary Mirage is a combination of Principle 2: I AM Detached and the indigo energy of the 3rd Eye Chakra, the chakra of prophecy. There is a slight paradox here, in as much as prophecy projects forward to foretell a future event and yet detachment requires being present in the now. If you cannot view the potential event without being overly attached to the outcome then you will almost certainly be lost in your own disappointment believing that the mirage was nothing more than a fantasy with no real substance and your proverbial Grail Cup will succumb to being tipped up and emptied out. If on the other hand you take that glimpse of your perfect life, combine it with the feeling you had when you absolutely knew it was on its way, the feeling of utter contentment, no, actual elation, and then open your heart to it arriving in its own time, then you will be a generator for the law of attraction and absolutely nothing can stop your dream from becoming a reality in absolutely no time at all.

When The Momentary Mirage shows up for you know that it is a powerful portent for an amazing opportunity to embrace your God-given power to co-create the best outcome for all involved… after all, if you cant see it how will you know what to aim for?

Take a moment to re-set your Grail right way up and re-envision the outcome you wish to see… and now relax: it’s already on its way.

More next week… x

Possibility of a Miracle

Well, here it is again folks: the 1st Monday of the month, May no less, which is by far my favourite month of the year simply because it’s the month I arrived here on planet Earth! As you have come to expect (if you’ve been keeping up) its challenge day…

My mind has been set to pondering a few cliches and old adages over the past couple of days, ones like “never look a gift horse in the mouth” and “fool me once: shame on you, fool me twice: shame on me.” These two sayings alone build a picture of how cynical and jaded we become as experience illicits the onset of mistrust and stops us from opening our hearts to give people second chances.

Do you believe people are capable of changing?

I know I’m not the same person I was, I spend so much time working on the different aspects of my own personal Grail that only when I slip into victim mode, (which happens occasionally still but by no means often), do I ever consider placing blame or full responsibility on another, instead I search the mirror that is the relationship to understand where both parties may have shut down their hearts and their ears, denying the basics of Principle 7: I AM Open-Hearted and defending their own truth whilst attempting to manipulate the others and thus allowing only a partial glimpse of Principle 4: I AM Truth…

So your challenge and mine this time around is to take every gesture at face value, allow a second chance even where you fear a repeated pattern, allow the world or simply another human being to surprise you, allow yourself the possibility of a miracle just by understanding that what went wrong last time around may have come from the other party’s fears and insecurities, from their unreadiness to advance into what seemed like a dangerous arena. Your challenge is to welcome a potentially wounded and equally jaded and cynical, inevitably flawed-as-we-all-are soul fully into your heart space where you both may heal.

Softly softly, gently gently and maybe second, third or even fourth time lucky…

Right then, I’m ducking out from posting for a few days for my Birthday, I’ll be back with The Intuitive Chalice Oracle reading on Saturday, so…

More later… x