Saturday’s group reading from my Intuitive Chalice Oracle is, since I began posting, proving to be essential guidance for me and I hope it is providing direction for each of you as well.

This week we see the combination of Principle 6: I AM Self-Full with the bright yellow of the solar plexus to give us a little bit of a helping hand in fixing what’s fallen by the wayside. I use many oracles in both my work and my personal life and one such system I like to call upon is the Iching, an ancient Chinese divination system made up of Hexagrams. The Tiered Return reminds me much of Hexagram 18 sometimes known as “Decay” and sometimes as “Repairing what is spoiled.”

So how is this duo playing out for each of us this coming week? It’s called The Tiered Return because it applies to each of us on many levels: physical, emotional, spiritual; and in many areas of our lives: health, finance, career, relationships… these different areas have to be tiered in order of priority although all of them require attention now.

Self-Full Living demands that your own personal needs must be at the forefront of any action you take in repairing each section of your list and that by either subtly adjusting course or making a complete about face you steer your life back towards your inner bliss.

Personally my health has become the first area for an overhaul, not because I’m unwell, on the contrary I’m doing great… that’s the point. Some of you may remember that I nearly lost my eye 20 months ago and since then I’ve been on some pretty nasty steroid medication to suppress my immune system so it couldn’t attack the area… well after a check up this week and the dose being lowered yet again, I’m almost done with them, maybe another couple of months until I’m free of chemical help… but as grateful as I am for the benefits of modern medicine, the steroids have taken their toll on other areas of my health, I’ve always been a big girl but I’ve ballooned as a result, I’m in need of a detox and want to get back to the level of energy I had before it started… whilst I was focused on one area of healing, others unavoidably decayed and now it’s time to adjust course and repair the damage, see?

Now the idea of bliss is different for each of us, so this week take a few moments to assess what the optimum scenario for you would be in each of the areas on your list and then take measured and gentle steps to change your own behaviour in favour of those outcomes you are seeking… don’t try to change or manipulate someone else or something else to fit and don’t expect instant results either… Mercury, a massive planet, appeared to change direction in the cosmos, where it was moving backward for the last 3 weeks (retrograde), it stopped to think (station) and is now adjusting telemetry to move forward again (direct). If it can, you can.

Tonight’s full moon should help bring to light what you need to fix in your life and I’m wishing you an overflowing Grail cup full of support in doing it…

More next week… x

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