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Supposing all external accoutrement were removed from the equation? Supposing you had nothing to lose and by the same token nothing to gain? What if there was another who was in similar circumstances to you? Would this gift of equality create sufficient a negotiating platform for the ulitmate interdependent relationship?

The combination of Principle 5: I AM Liberated meets the royal blue energy of the throat chakra to form “The Level Playing Field” where at last the gloves are off.

This week we are being presented with the gift of transparency where all your cards should be laid on the table… its potentially a crap hand that you carry and you have nothing left to negotiate with. This is the time when miracles can happen simply because you have acknowledged your situation, stepped out of denial and finally owned up to the fact that this is all you have and all that there is.

Its sounds pretty dire doesn’t it? Don’t be misled by the seemingly pessimistic introduction because this week sees you shift into a position of pure power. Not power over another as that can just as easily be taken away, but power over your own life and your own choices; and your next move will be determined not by need, not by lack, but by creative intent. If you have nothing and your counterpart has nothing you need, and vice versa, together you can create something that will benefit both of you just purely for the joy of interconnecting.

There is no other agenda because there is nothing at stake. Enjoy making friends, its that easy.

The Membership part of the website is currently under construction and will be coming soon. If it were available today we would be exploring this week’s reading in more depth in the “Optimising The Oracle” section of the site… for now though, I’ll have to leave you there.

More next week… x

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