I feel the need to venture into a delicate subject after being confronted on my own doorstep with an accusation that the guidance I may be receiving may not be from God…

Rarely do I broach the topic of religion versus spirituality as it is such a sensitive and volatile arena to dabble with but earlier this week I was rudely interrupted from my catch up of Game of Thrones (you’re already onto a loser at this stage) by two young gentlemen with winning smiles at my door… I knew instantly what I was in for and baring in mind that at this point I’ve got the newly resurrected John Snow on pause, burning his face into my screen after I’d been slogging all day, as you can imagine I was in no mood to be converted.

I’m not going to go into detail about the entire conversation but the rationale behind the religion these young men were attempting to sell me… They were insistent that the book they carried was the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth… that they had prayed to God and He had answered that indeed this was the case.

I smiled and imparted my own truth, that the book they carried did indeed contain the truth but not the whole truth because it was only ever going to be the truth from one perspective. They asked if I prayed and I was happy to inform them that I spoke to God everyday… “Did I receive an answer?” was their next question to which I assured them that my conversations with Source were always two way. Unfortunately, when I informed them that my truth was different to theirs and that God told me that my truth was as valid as theirs one of them proceeded to say “Are you sure it’s God you’re talking to?

I confess that this was a red rag to a bull and was very fast to ask him who it was he thought I was talking to, and to tell him that he had just disrespected me… Wars are fought on this statement (and not just in Westeros): “My God is the one true God”

Yes, He/She/It is indeed the one true unnamable, indescribable, everything that there is and is not and your truth is the only truth that matters to you but it is not the only truth and just because someone else’s is different does not make it wrong… You are right where you need to be in this moment.

Anyway, the two young gentlemen left after a long lecture on Principle 4 supported by a small adventure into quantum mechanics, one looking like he’d done a couple of psychic rounds with Ali but a newly opened mind, and the other as blinkered as ever but now with even more determination that if it’s not Mormon it’s wrong… you win some, you lose some… and winning was never my game. I returned to living room, lit a candle for them both and asked for them to be blessed and awakened… and then I finished my date with The Lord Commander before his watch had ended.

If the membership section of the site was ready to go right now, members would have access to a follow up piece on The Ego’s Agenda (I was in danger for a split second of losing control of mine)… Membership is coming soon, for today I’ll have to leave you there.

Watch out for the free oracle reading tomorrow… x


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