Grail Oracle 2Grail Oracle Indigo

Just for a brief moment in time you may have caught a glimspe of life the way you want it…

Last week’s oracle delivered you a taste of the sense of peace and fulfilment that only The Wholly Grail can offer. It placed you firmly in the flow of the universal current of abundance and all manner of synchronicities aligned to give you reason to hope… actually beyond hope: you had complete faith…

That feeling was the glimpse I’m talking about.

The Momentary Mirage is a combination of Principle 2: I AM Detached and the indigo energy of the 3rd Eye Chakra, the chakra of prophecy. There is a slight paradox here, in as much as prophecy projects forward to foretell a future event and yet detachment requires being present in the now. If you cannot view the potential event without being overly attached to the outcome then you will almost certainly be lost in your own disappointment believing that the mirage was nothing more than a fantasy with no real substance and your proverbial Grail Cup will succumb to being tipped up and emptied out. If on the other hand you take that glimpse of your perfect life, combine it with the feeling you had when you absolutely knew it was on its way, the feeling of utter contentment, no, actual elation, and then open your heart to it arriving in its own time, then you will be a generator for the law of attraction and absolutely nothing can stop your dream from becoming a reality in absolutely no time at all.

When The Momentary Mirage shows up for you know that it is a powerful portent for an amazing opportunity to embrace your God-given power to co-create the best outcome for all involved… after all, if you cant see it how will you know what to aim for?

Take a moment to re-set your Grail right way up and re-envision the outcome you wish to see… and now relax: it’s already on its way.

More next week… x

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