Grail Oracle Chalice

The Intuitive Chalice Oracle is made up of combinations. 0ne of each of 7 Principles and 7 chakras, totalling 49 possible combinations (98 if read as both positive and negative)… and then there’s the wild card… When The Sacred Chalice card is pulled from the deck nothing else is needed, no further card is required as this card is the ultimate omen.

But omen of what?

When used as a diagnostic tool, the pessimistic approach is always taken, as for the purposes of healing, this vessel is empty and the bearer depleted of all emotional, spiritual, and physical resources and is literally at rock bottom but this is not a diagnosis, this is an oracle reading and as such this can go one of two ways: the one mentioned above or the complete opposite.

Now, reading the energy I’ve been following this week and the incessant onslaught of signs that have been heading my way, I’m willing to stick my neck out and declare that a miracle is just around the corner and your proverbial cup is about to overflow with whatever your heart desires!

As we flow into Beltane tomorrow; a celebration of love, abundance, fertility, joy and wellbeing are hot on its heels bringing you whatever you have been waiting for: The Wholly Grail itself. Possessing The Wholly Grail, inner peace, enlightenment, contentment etc, however temporarily, will renew your faith in the universe; revitalise your energy, resolve, creativity and your natural ebullience and zest for life, fuelling you for the next part of your journey whatever that may be… and it may be quite different from how you imagined it.

You have been waiting such a long time to collect your reward… it’s here for you now (even if you cannot see it yet).

Blessings All… More next week… x

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