Your peripheral vision is useless when your nose is pressed up against the glass.

Yes it’s true that what the future potentially holds is enticing, intriguing and to some extent seems shinier than the current position but potentiality is illusory and by no means a settled outcome, a done deal or dead cert. While you are fully focused on forward though, on that green grass on the other side of the fence, your own lawn needs tending.

Now you may think I’m being heartily metaphorical here but the truth is I’ve been so focused on the next big thing for the last few days that my lawn literally has grown so long I don’t know how I’m going to get the mower through it. Everyday mundane things are only that if your thinking makes it so, alternatively the day to day doings of your life can constitute a magnificent storyline to the world’s greatest adventure if that’s how you choose to see it but how can you see it if your peripheral vision is useless because your nose is pressed up against the glass… or noseying over the garden fence to see how green or perfectly trimmed someone else’s lawn may be.

I have yet to make peace with the grass but I have made peace with the fact that its mine to do and I’m grateful that there is grass to be mowed, hedges to be trimmed and that there are windows that now need the greasy nose prints washing from them… these things I am grateful for may not constitute shiny but that is simply because I forgot to polish them, appreciate them and admire the simple pleasures, luxuries that stopped feeling luxurious merely because you forgot how bloody lucky you are to have them in the first place.

Step back today and appreciate everything that is already present within your life… no matter how unkempt it may be… and now commit to taking good care of it. The future will arrive in its own time and when it gets here, it’s going to need assurances that you will take care of all the gifts it’s bringing and not leave them to rot or grow wild whilst you’re busy focusing on the shiny thing that hasn’t arrived yet through the next decidedly grubby window.

Protect what’s present, it’s precious.

More later… x


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