As it’s the first Monday of the month, I shall bestow, as is now tradition, a challenge to my fellow Grail Knights, i.e. you…

Have you been putting something off? Are you holding out on taking the steps necessary for bringing something, some dream or ambition into the light? Perhaps it’s an obligation that you’ve been pushing to the bottom of the to-do pile but just knowing its there is getting under your skin? We all have fears and dreads that we build up in our minds to be far worse than the reality, in fact for the most part, the relief of just getting those objectives underway is reward in itself…

Taking that first step is the hardest because you have created an image in your mind of just how difficult it is going to be, how awful, irksome or tiresome, but that was your tendency towards employing the very opposite of Principle 2: I AM Detached, meaning you projected an illusion ahead of you that has noting to do with reality.

I’m going to suggest that the first step be a fun one, like the unsteady, clumsy attempt to climb into a canoe at the rivers edge just before you set off downstream on an adventure. Yes there might be rapids ahead, there might even be a waterfall but you might also have a gentle meandering lazy river that just carries you past your anxieties without you even noticing… if you’re anything like me then a few emotional rapids keep the journey interesting anyway. Whatever the tendencies of this river of life, you can be sure that you will climb out at the other end exhilarated by the journey and looking forward to the next stage… go on, jump in and flow.

More later… x

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