The Sacred Chalice

Grail Oracle Chalice

The Intuitive Chalice Oracle is made up of combinations. 0ne of each of 7 Principles and 7 chakras, totalling 49 possible combinations (98 if read as both positive and negative)… and then there’s the wild card… When The Sacred Chalice card is pulled from the deck nothing else is needed, no further card is required as this card is the ultimate omen.

But omen of what?

When used as a diagnostic tool, the pessimistic approach is always taken, as for the purposes of healing, this vessel is empty and the bearer depleted of all emotional, spiritual, and physical resources and is literally at rock bottom but this is not a diagnosis, this is an oracle reading and as such this can go one of two ways: the one mentioned above or the complete opposite.

Now, reading the energy I’ve been following this week and the incessant onslaught of signs that have been heading my way, I’m willing to stick my neck out and declare that a miracle is just around the corner and your proverbial cup is about to overflow with whatever your heart desires!

As we flow into Beltane tomorrow; a celebration of love, abundance, fertility, joy and wellbeing are hot on its heels bringing you whatever you have been waiting for: The Wholly Grail itself. Possessing The Wholly Grail, inner peace, enlightenment, contentment etc, however temporarily, will renew your faith in the universe; revitalise your energy, resolve, creativity and your natural ebullience and zest for life, fuelling you for the next part of your journey whatever that may be… and it may be quite different from how you imagined it.

You have been waiting such a long time to collect your reward… it’s here for you now (even if you cannot see it yet).

Blessings All… More next week… x

This Great Game

Everything you are worrying about right now is an option and the current options available to you are thus: there’s the easy way and there’s the hard way. These two options and these two options only are what go entirely towards making up what we term free will. There is a much greater plan at work here, and if you understand that you also understand that it means that all the chess pieces are destined to be at a certain position at a certain time by divine decree.

Whether you are a king, a queen, a pawn or a knight, you have a role to play in this great game and the way you play your role determines the depth and intensity of the game… but you’ll get where you’re going one way or another.

Worrying about which direction to choose is simply you choosing the hard way, the less enjoyable way. It’s a massive drain on your energy and even if you do get round to making a decision, the worry has robbed you of some of the joy of advancing across the board and then the best you can hope for is relief… though relief isn’t unpleasant, it isn’t exactly the ecstasy you were hoping for either, is it.

I want to liken this feeling to the teenagers out there undertaking their exams around now. Remember back to when you took yours and ask yourself how many times you’ve used that particular information and whether you would be living a different existence now if you had failed? We put too much pressure on ourselves to get it right. Too much pressure on each other for that matter.

You’re going where you’re going and it doesn’t matter how you get there. Just for today, as an experiment, give it up to God and the angels to deal with the details… stick the whole situation in your “Too Difficult” bucket and surrender to the flow. Let spirit choose your next move on life’s chessboard.

Principle 2: I AM Detached.

More later… x

The Uncomfortable Things

As Grail Knight’s we are occasionally asked to do things we really don’t want to do. Following the path is about being guided by those things that make you feel good and so when these uncomfortable instances arise they can feel really counter intuitive like doing the opposite of what you want or of what feels easy… and let’s face it, ease is what we are all looking to find in life.

These uncomfortable necessities are, when viewed from higher perspective, all about self-correcting where an earlier error is now potentially making the next part of the journey difficult. Like having to turn back because you forgot the keys to a very important door to your destiny.

Sometimes it’s about making peace with the past. In order for that peace to be accepted and integrated you must first open your eyes fully and look at the scars created by past decisions and actions, look at them with compassion and empathy for your former self and the former self of anyone else involved, recognising that the incidents left not just scars but also blessings changing each forever and that you are not the same people you were when those choices were made. Taking full responsibility for your actions along the way and recognising that in the quest for The Wholly Grail blame is a redundant and useless hindrance to an otherwise heroic ascent towards fulfilling the dream of your life… your life.

You must do the uncomfortable things so that they do not follow you like ghosts tearing at your soul for all eternity… doing the uncomfortable things means that you are seeking freedom from the lower vibrations of guilt and fear… seeking release from the chain’s that you forged one by one intentionally or otherwise.

Grail Knight, you got yourself here… clean up your act and where you step next will be a golden path of love, light and magical unfolding… and may angels support you in your task.

More later… x

The Creative Director

Grail Oracle 1Grail Oracle Orange

There is a fire that burns within you. At times this fire merely glows like a candle flame, lighting the way toward the next, or attracting that other towards itself. At times it rages, burning so hot that it hurts, and then there are times when it feels as though it has been all-but extinguished… but the flame is always burning. This power within is a force for good or evil, a tool for creation or a means of destruction, a universal energy built into every human being and its essence is that which imitates infinity.

The Creative Director, a combination of Principle 1: I AM God and the orange sacral chakra energy is the recognition of the power to create or destroy within each of us and the responsibility excepted or declined to initiate proper use of that energy.

This week you may find yourself in position where you can use your own creativity to help and inspire others, and to overcome problems with solutions that are “outside the box.” This is a week to do things differently than you have done them before, to look from a different angle and build something that has the potential to change the course of your life, someone else’s life or the lives of many. There is an air of uncertainty as you  enter into a contract with Source, a bargain which reads like this: “I’ll provide you with the opportunity, the resources and the means but you must then do something new with it, you must act with confidence and justly to bring about a profound shift.”

So what are you going to do?

Remember that free will allows you to either create or destroy, to bring together or break apart… that fire burns within you but the gift of this fire must be understood, tamed and channelled for good, should that be your will, and as a Grail Knight, that should be your will… but should is a word that overrides free will and that just will not do.

Choose and direct your power, its yours to do with what you WILL.

More next week… x

How Unkempt

Your peripheral vision is useless when your nose is pressed up against the glass.

Yes it’s true that what the future potentially holds is enticing, intriguing and to some extent seems shinier than the current position but potentiality is illusory and by no means a settled outcome, a done deal or dead cert. While you are fully focused on forward though, on that green grass on the other side of the fence, your own lawn needs tending.

Now you may think I’m being heartily metaphorical here but the truth is I’ve been so focused on the next big thing for the last few days that my lawn literally has grown so long I don’t know how I’m going to get the mower through it. Everyday mundane things are only that if your thinking makes it so, alternatively the day to day doings of your life can constitute a magnificent storyline to the world’s greatest adventure if that’s how you choose to see it but how can you see it if your peripheral vision is useless because your nose is pressed up against the glass… or noseying over the garden fence to see how green or perfectly trimmed someone else’s lawn may be.

I have yet to make peace with the grass but I have made peace with the fact that its mine to do and I’m grateful that there is grass to be mowed, hedges to be trimmed and that there are windows that now need the greasy nose prints washing from them… these things I am grateful for may not constitute shiny but that is simply because I forgot to polish them, appreciate them and admire the simple pleasures, luxuries that stopped feeling luxurious merely because you forgot how bloody lucky you are to have them in the first place.

Step back today and appreciate everything that is already present within your life… no matter how unkempt it may be… and now commit to taking good care of it. The future will arrive in its own time and when it gets here, it’s going to need assurances that you will take care of all the gifts it’s bringing and not leave them to rot or grow wild whilst you’re busy focusing on the shiny thing that hasn’t arrived yet through the next decidedly grubby window.

Protect what’s present, it’s precious.

More later… x


Do What You Must

Whatever will people think?

I’ve heard this phrase so many times that from a young age I believed it was the reason to do everything or not to do anything. Since I began my own journey into the Grail however, I’ve stopped to re-evaluate some of these repetitive negative mantras that we inadvertently pick up from generation to generation assuming that they constitute some unwritten law by which we must abide.

Whatever will people think really is no business of mine and as such I really shouldn’t be making any decisions based on this faulty set of criteria.

What do I think? What do I believe? What inspires me? What do I want? What will bring me the greatest pleasure?

Of course, in doing something wholly because it feels right for you, is no excuse for deliberately hurting or offending another but what this always boils down to is intention… if doing it your way is counter to the wishes of another ask yourself this: “Am I doing this to be deliberately contrary or am I choosing this path because it’s genuinely the right one for me?” If you answer the former, stop right now and do some deep exploration as to what part of you is trying to punish the other. If however, the latter is your honest answer then you only have one choice if you are to act out of love and not fear… you must do what you must and risk that whoever you defy will understand your integrity in choosing to walk a trail that has not yet shown its treasure to them.

Principle 4: I AM Truth, is only possible when you put aside what others may think and become the powerful co-creator of your own life, trusting that God has got your back.

More later… x

The Pregnant Pause

Grail Oracle 2Grail Oracle Orange

It was inevitable really, if I continued to do a weekly reading, choosing combinations at random, it stands to reason that sooner or later a set would repeat. Far be it from me though, to assume that the energy flowing through this combination at this time and at this point along the path would be the same as it was just a few short weeks ago when Principle 2: I AM Detached married the bright orange of the sacral chakra in The Absent Intimate.

Imagine then for a moment, one of those huge stately homes that are liberally scattered around Britain. For some odd reason in days of old, architects thought it prudent to have one room leading straight into the next in a succession of opulent displays of wealth… Nobody seemed to give a damn about the fact that you might have to walk through someone else’s bedroom to get to your own, or what horrors you might have to witness on the journey through. The image I’d like you to conjur up in your mind though, is that of the impressive heavy doors that separated each of these opulent spaces… I’ve visited a few myself and I always find it amusing that between each room is a wall so thick that it must shave at least 3ft off the dimensions of the space, and that each doorway has two doors: one leading from the room you’re in and one leading into the room you’re entering! No corridor, just a huge dark space between doors… A place of pure nothingness and seeming pointlessness.

As you pass through one door but before you pass through the second you are neither in one room nor the other, neither one state nor the other… Now imagine if door number one had closed behind you but door two had not yet opened? You’d be standing in the void between states, right?

The Pregnant Pause is that moment of standing on the thresholod and understanding that where you stand is the only place you can be for now and that although you may believe you know what lies beyond the next door, the truth is that until it has been opened you can assume nothing. You must wait here in silent prayer, in acknowledgement of the gravity of your next step and the new beginning that awaits.

The sacral chakra holds the energy of intimacy and of interconnected relationships and its worth noting that the pause at this point is due to you having given over the next move on the chess board to another player. Don’t assume you know this game… don’t assume your partner will be playing by the same rules that you are or that they will play fair… don’t assume that your partner even understands the game or the rules by which you are playing… the only thing that is sure is that the invitation to the negotiation has been sent, you have bravely stepped through your door and now you must wait here for the door to the next room to be opened by your counterpart.

This is a really nice place to sit and wait.

More next week… x

Make The Tough Choices

Powerful forces are at work in the construction of your lifestyle and indeed your existence but do you know where that power comes from?

I was contemplating this morning whether or not I should go deep or keep it light of a Wednesday morning and then it struck me: the choice was entirely mine. What then do we base our choices on?

The powerful force I’m interested in today is intent… and the choices we make based on our intentions. Just coming back to power for a moment, how scary is the fact that only you know what your true intentions are? Not scary at all if you’re coming from a heart-centred benevolent place which I hope you all are but let me put this another way, if it applies to you then it applies to everyone else… so how scary is it that only the person your dealing with knows what their true intention is?

There is power in a secret, regardless of the intention the secret is keeping, not knowing the plan puts you in a position of weakness and vulnerability and requires the trust of a child to navigate to the final destination. The power grab that is being played out on a global political scale at the moment is an example of this interaction between intention and choice… I’ll choose you because my intention is to do good… even if I don’t know what your intention is…

Of course the real power doesn’t sit in the hands of those vying for it, the real power sits in the hands of those who choose… I choose you/ I don’t choose you; I trust you/ I don’t trust you. You have a choice and that’s real power.

The power to direct your life has always been with you, heaven created it that way. It was only ever fear that allowed you to believe that you didn’t know how to take care of yourself, to make the difficult choices and moves, it was only fear that allowed you to hand over the responsibility to someone else to make the tough choices for you… it was only ever fear that made you believe they knew better than you.

If you want the power back, the power to direct your life the way you want it, here’s what you have to do to claim it back:

Decide your intention

Make the tough choices

Take responsibility

Commit to yourself

Understand that nobody else’s truth is ever any bigger or better than yours and if it feels like it is, learn from it, be inspired by it and up the ante on your commitment to embrace this new learning so that your intention and choices expand to reflect it… but definitely don’t go: “their vision for my life is better than mine, I’ll follow them and let them make the tough choices.”

You are the power.

We just took a short stroll around Principle 1: I AM God and Principle 4: I AM Truth (with a little bit of Principles 2, 3, 5, 6 and 7 sprinkled on for topping).

More later… x

Everything Else Can Wait

Grateful to be back in the land of the living this week after a full 7 days of confinement with some modern day plague or other, I’m finding myself more than a little out of sorts… Ill? No, I’m better, thanks for asking, actually it’s more a sense of feeling like I’m out of synch with the world and being annoyed at the world for it.

Have you ever felt like your schedule was completely at odds with everyone else’s? Monday is a day where traditionally the world goes back to work after the weekend but what about those of us who work non-traditional hours? My Monday this week is set to be a day tackling some of the big jobs in my garden, I’ve done next to nothing so far and its a real mess… but what’s all that got to do with the Grail? Mother Nature has a schedule all of her own and she is the one who dictates when to grow and when to rest, when to plant seeds and when to blossom… she takes her cue from the moon and the sun and has no need of permission from the rest of society to step outside the bounds of what’s considered acceptable. Mother Nature knows what’s best for her and those precious things in her care, she accepts responsibility for the storms and the rain, for the unseasonable shifts in temperature and the early or late growth of the daisies… Mother Nature has no need of our consent, for she is our teacher and we simply forgot.

We ride against our natural urges and energy levels, constructing false presets for time and for propriety, we even see fit to adjust the clock because we disagree with her teachings… or at least somebody did at some point and we, the sheep that follow, have yet to question…

It’s Monday because someone somewhere told us it was, but it wasn’t Mother Nature. She would have you understand that the sheep don’t understand Monday, they understand the moon and the sun, awake and asleep, hungry and fed, warm and cold… To find the Grail you must honour your own rhythm, honour the tender bud within until it flowers. Get in synch with yourself first, believe it or not, Mother Nature is in control of you too.

Principle 2: I AM Detached

Principle 4: I AM Truth

Principle 6: I AM Self-Full

Everything else can wait.

More later… x

The Refining Chamber

Grail Oracle 6Grail Oracle Violet

You’ve been busy creating. I’m not just talking about the last few days, weeks or even months, I’m talking about years. Years of ideas and dreams, some good, some brilliant; they have carried you through highs and lows, ignited your imagination and sparked impossible journey’s that have time and time again proved that you are a Grail Knight extraordinaire… every creation a piece of the orchestra and the symphony you are writing is reaching a crescendo…

The combination I have picked for us all this week is marrying the energies of Principle 6: I AM Self-Full with the violet of the crown chakra, the chakra of divine inspiration and the most powerful of the 3rd dimensional chakras, activated by meditation and during dreamstate… Why though, is this about creation? Actually its not. Imagine for a moment that symphony I was talking about. When you started it all those years ago you were playing a different tune, banging a different drum. Every creation since has added to the music you’re hearing now and lets face it, this crescendo is in parts excruciating… so much so that you can no longer hear the beautiful song in your heart

All those Mozart’s among us will be aware that a harmonious arrangement is more about what you leave out than what you put in… but you didn’t know that when you started did you? You just kept adding to your creations whenever a good idea popped into the mix. The Refining Chamber can only be reached by paring back the layers of outdated used-to-be-me-but-I-don’t-fit-that-mould-anymore ideas, until all that can be heard is the still small voice within, the solo violin that blesses the next step of your journey.

I know you are thinking “But I worked so hard on that, it seems a shame to waste it.” Trust me, nothing has been wasted, it has all been about the very next step and the very next step has to be all about who you are now not who you were then… can you hear that whisper in all this noise? Do you know who you are?

Meditate; strip away all that isn’t necessary; listen before you speak; watch before you act; think before you create, and allow yourself to be led to your as yet unimagined destiny that will be so much more than you can currently comprehend…

Now that’s a piece of music I’d pay money to listen to.

Blessed be your journey… more next week… x