A Few Moments of Silence

What happens when the cup runs dry?

The individual Principles of the Wholly Grail are there as antidotes to the stresses and strains that life bestows, bringing you inner peace and respite from external and internal drama, but what happens when you get so out of balance, so disturbed by the happenings going on around you that several of the Principles fall of the table knocking the proverbial cup clean over and emptying it out? In basic terms your energy, mental, physical and emotional resources hit an all-time low and your fight, will and resistance to illness dissipate.

For a while you might carry on but the tell tail signs of a lack of drive, enthusiasm and zest for living will be conspicuous by their absence. Others will sense a flat texture to your energy and no matter how much you smile on the outside, what they witness with their eyes they will be unable to reconcile with what their souls sense on a deeper level. Their truth will be confused if they do not trust the intuitive whisperings of their higher selves but more importantly your truth can only be disguised for so long when there are no resources to maintain the smoke and mirrors.

So what do you do?

Rock bottom isn’t a nice place to be but it is a place where great healing takes place. It’s a place of profound change through learning and if you are lucky enough, perhaps with the aid of the angels, once you climb out, you will never have to visit this place again.

Though it is the 6th Principle: I AM Self-Full is the first place to start when there’s nothing left in your energetic storehouse. It means attending to your physical health first with proper nutrition, sleep, hydration and oxygenation/exercise. Introduce Principle 1: I AM God, by indulging in self-care activities such as massage, home beauty treatments and recognising that you are worth your own time and attention. Self-Fullness requires that you say no to anything that saps your energy so relinquish unnecessary commitments, appointments and demands… focus on what’s important… not to others but to you. Next, it’s time to combine creativity with finding yourself some happy… creativity unused or poorly managed, can be the very fire that burns you out so channel this precious resource into something fun… why do you think I started baking?

The angels will help you to prioritise what’s necessary and you can surrender anything you cannot control to them. Archangel Azrael will offer you safe space to let go and will help you grieve for what’s gone whilst Archangel Haniel will surround you in grace and help you to honour your own sensitivity and cycles of energy… none of this is possible though until you indulge in the most powerful healing tool on offer… you must meditate.

In just a few moments of silence – within and without, you can reset your Grail Quest to ready and your Grail cup upright ready to be filled.

Have a Self-Full weekend, you’re worth it.

More later… x

Neat Little Boxes

Chaos might be defined by mum’s with small children as a disorganised mess… I’m not so sure. You see, that disorganised mess can be organised, tidied away, structure provided and over time order restored, it’s ultimately controllable… even if it doesn’t feel like it in the moment. Life on the other hand…

We try continuously to assume some kind of control over our own lives, to make, to a certain extent at least, the rules and boundaries by which we want to live. Like the toys that mum is trying to control, we put areas of our lives in neat little boxes and hope that nobody will notice that some are overflowing and that some are just full of junk… from the outside at least we can fool ourselves into believing that we’ve got it together, but then there’s the unknown factor…

If we are all making rules and boundaries, if we all have neat little boxes, what happens when your shit gets mixed in with someone else’s shit and your rules and boundaries don’t match their rules and boundaries? What happens when all those thousands if not millions of seemingly unconnected decisions being made by far flung individuals clash and jockey for position… who is in control?

Chaos is a constant, that’s why you cannot keep the Grail, that’s why it is a life long quest. You may be mistakenly walking this path thinking its leads to organisation and reprieve from the chaos but that’s a grave mistake to make and it will ultimately lead to disappointment… what this quest leads to, the inner peace that is promised, is far from a reprieve from the chaos, it’s a release from needing to control it and an acceptance that chaos is a powerful place of creation and recreation and once you let go of trying to control creation and let a Higher Power take care of the details, miracles are born.

We just passed through a new moon and a partial solar eclipse, those that are in the know are predicting big changes, a letting go of the events of the last 6 months… don’t grip, let chaos open those neat little boxes… it’s time to face whatever’s inside holding you back.

More later… x

Ps. That link I’ve been threatening: it’s coming. I’d like to blame a technical hitch but it’s more to do with technical incompetence on my part… I nearly gave up and broke down but I’m a big believer that breakdown leads to breakthrough… hang on in there with me x

Finally Slay The Hydra

Do you jump from one impossible situation to the next with what seems like a relatively short period of respite between crises? It’s the first Monday of the month upon which it has become my custom to furnish you with a Grail challenge… just because life isn’t challenging enough.

Today’s challenge takes Principle 5: I AM Liberated and Principle 6: I AM Self-Full to provide you with the scope to overcome the constant onslaught of another thing to deal with.

Behind the 7 Principles for inner peace that The Wholly Grail rests its philosophy upon are several Grail Mechanics, one of which is known as The Hydra… Though a mythical beast and no physical evidence has been found outside of Hollywood to suggest it’s origins are anything but legend, it does serve as a perfect analogy for the recurring themes that occur in your life… you cut off one head and two more grow in its place.

So why the 2 Principles I’ve chosen to finally slay The Hydra?

Its human nature, especially when faced with an emergency, to solve the short term issue or deal only with the immediate threat. Long term thinking is relegated to the “for another time” box whilst calm is restored and there is space to format a plan… but… when there is calm we forget to deal with what now doesn’t seem like a problem as all is quiet on the western front. The very next time we think to address the issue is when the problem resurfaces and slaps us in the face with another crisis. Too late and we’re back under threat from a much more ferocious multi-headed, how-do-you-kill-it-for-good problem.

Principle 5 is focused on letting you out of your own personal prison, not by increasing karmic debt but by reducing it. Principle 6 asks you to put your own needs first but in this case the two together demand a slower, more researched, considered response. You do not need to react to a crisis with immediate knee-jerk solutions, so the challenge today is to back off, take a breath and a pen and piece of paper and start constructing a plan. Let the plan contain a short term negotiation, a mid term review and the long term solution… fix it quick schemes are only short term relief ‘day release’ passes and you are aiming for freedom from threat and persecution – permanently!

You are a Grail Knight on a hero’s journey and no knight ever went into battle without first studying his opponent and formulating a plan.

We’ve tried plan A: “One disaster at a time!”

We’ve tried plan B: “Shut up we’re winging it!”

Plan C is: “I AM competent, I AM considered and I AM ready to clean up my mess.”

Good luck.

More later… x

The Empty Space

Grail Oracle 6Grail Oracle Green

The Intuitive Chalice Oracle was designed to help the querent to understand the flow of energy instructing their own personal Grail and thus informing their life from day to day, cycle to cycle. I have found it to be a very effective tool in deciding where to focus healing energy and change within my own life and, since sharing weekly readings with you, I’ve noticed how it mirrors the universal currents affecting many of us who are sensitive to the changes occuring at a much deeper level.

Today’s combination of Principle 6: I AM Self-Full and the emerald green of the heart chakra, is creating The Empty Space. As with all Grail readings this empty space can have both positive and negative connotations to the way we feel about our lives.

Imagine if you will the wide open spaces of nature and how we can feel either relieved by the removal of boundaries and the space to breathe or we can feel very alone.

If you read my Free Grail Insight yesterday (Catch a Glimmer), you will understand that I was expressing gratitude for my mum, especially as its Mother’s day in the UK tomorrow. Im very aware though at this time that many of you, a very dear friend of mine included, dont have the luxury of having mum here. My gorgeous friend Val lost her mum just a few short weeks ago and is going through this Mother’s Day for the first time, feeling a distinct loss of connection…

But The Empty Space is not just about mum’s, its about separation and the loneliness that we sometimes feel overcome with when the very person that we feel the need to be near is no longer available to us either through death, emotional or geographical separation. I feel the angst of those who are longing for that connection and my heart goes out to each and every one of you who is experiencing loss or loneliness, not just now, but always.

The healing message within this card though comes from the Self-Full aspect, directing you to find peace within this situation as you remember that life doesn’t leave gaps for no reason and that The Empty Space is waiting to be filled… Filled with joy, love, abundance and most of all filled with you… You see the only thing that you are actually separated from is yourself. As everything in the universe is intimately connected, separation in the energetic sense is actually impossible and the feelings, sensations, emotions and experiences that you felt when with the person who is now missing from your life for whatever reason, are still inherent within you.

Place your attention fully on what, not who is missing and then go and find that thing for yourself… don’t be tempted to search for it from another person, Self-Full means “I AM Whole, I AM Healed and I AM Grateful” and when you fill that sacred chalice with the light of your own soul you become irresistable to the next phase and influx of love energy… That’s why this is called The ‘WHOLLY’ Grail. Separation is a choice.

More next week… x

Catch A Glimmer

Gratitude is a universal lubricant. When you pay attention to and appreciate the miracles that already exist within your life more miracles show up for you.

I’m a lover of simple things, a girl of simple tastes and simple pleasures. I love things that are pretty but built to withstand, like the philosophy applied by the shakers and the arts and crafts movement: “have nothing in your home that you do not believe to be beautiful or practical”… but I’ve long since known that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I remember my Nan saying “it wouldn’t do for us all to be the same.”

When you can find something beautiful in something simple, a smile, a solitary daisy in a sea of grass, a crumpled note left by a loved one, a battered old chest holding a lifetime of memories… the more elaborate trappings that glimmer and shine become all but insignificant. When you take the time to appreciate that beauty is everywhere suddenly life becomes beautiful. Principle 1: I AM God embraces the divine beauty within everything and everyone.

Today I get to appreciate my lovely mum, it’s her 79th birthday and I was privileged to put my newly remembered baking skills to good use in creating her some cakey bun for her big day… my mum is my hero, she makes me smile and every moment I get to spend with her I am grateful for.

This Sunday is Mothers Day in the UK, show some gratitude for the greatest gift you’ve ever been given… the one you take most for granted, the one that gave you life… if you’re spending the day without her, know that she never really left, look in the mirror and smile, you might just catch a glimmer of the beauty she instilled in you.

Blessed be the child that remembers the greatest blessing there is.

More later… x

Evolution in Disguise

Taking my own advice over the last couple of days,  you may have noticed my Monday post to be conspicuous by its absence. Instead of pushing against my own natural energy rhythms and cycles I invested yesterday in filling my own metaphorical Grail cup by spending the day getting back to nature.

Mother Nature has everything we need in her storehouse and its freely available to aid whatever ails you, in my case it was just the need to pull back from everyday stresses, breathe in some good clean country air and to witness the magnificence of the creatures that we are blessed to share the planet with.

We get so jammed up inside our own heads, attempting to unravel this dilemma and that one, that we actually fool ourselves into believing that those mundane daily decisions are life threatening… (of course one or two of those decisions are and please excuse yourself from being tarred with the same brush if that is indeed the case), but on the whole, though it may seem like the next choice you make could actually end your world as you know it, look outside for a few moments… I mean really look. The world is still turning, it’s oblivious and if the beautiful Fallow Deer I saw yesterday are anything to go by, it’s too busy being happy and free to care.

Now, once you get out of your own head, maybe out of your usual environment and back to nature… just breathe. The answers will come and the truth is, you can always choose again if you get it wrong.

Let go of your attachment to the outcomes and just decide what you’d like to try. Consequences are merely evolution in disguise.

Principle 2: I AM Detached

More later… x

P.S. Happy St David’s Day (White rabbits and daffodils to you)!