If I was to tell you there where only seven things that stand between you and complete mastery of your own inner peace and well-being, just seven doors to unlock to find your best life, love, and light, would you ask for the keys?

Easter Monday, and with the energy of rebirth and resurrection in full swing, what better time than to gift yourself the keys to your own freedom, the ability to embrace your greatest challenges and overcome your deepest fears simply by dedicating yourself to these seven steps to happiness.

Do I sound like a sales pitch? Ha! Sometime in the not too distant future, I will be travelling deeper into the Grail Principles for those who wish to go with me, but if you’re paying attention then you will see that the entire Wholly Grail is and has been freely available for those wishing to embark on this quest and all you have to do is tame seven dragons:

The first Dragon is named “Worthiness” and He is King.

The second Dragon is named “Presence” and He is a thief.

Dragon three is named “Forgiveness” and He is damaged.

Dragon four is named “Authenticity” and He is adaptable.

The fifth Dragon is named “Freedom” and He will not be chained.

Dragon six is named “Me” and He will reflect your every move.

The final Dragon is named “Love” and to conquer Him is to move beyond need and into peace for He is completion.

These Dragons, The Principles of The Wholly Grail will highlight the path, protect you whilst you walk it and bring you squarely home to your dreams.

Have a happy bank holiday… I’m off now to teach a Magical Chalice Workshop (The Grail through the veil of magic and mysticism).

More later… x

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