Good Friday has an underlying theme that runs through the whole Easter experience, much like the energy of New Year we turn our attention to rebirth, renewal, resurrection and reinvention of self, life, home, career, finances and even love.

For the last few days I’ve been banging on about letting go of the stuff that holds you back or down in order to have a clean slate when the time comes to make that transition into the life you’ve been planning and dreaming about for so long. Now it’s time to do a spring clean of your mind, body and spirit.

I know you’re tempted to reach for the chocolate eggs, I’m not going to tell you to do otherwise, after all self-denial is almost as bad as stuffing your face in the happiness stakes. No, I’m acting on a very clear message I received from Archangel Gabriel last week whilst meditating on Principle 6: I AM Self-Full, simply put, the message was this: “There are only two things you must omit from your diet: restriction and over-indulgence.” That to me sounded like a recipe for life.

When you decide to spring clean your mind, body and spirit you are in fact committing to spring clean your habits. As with all things, that must commence with untangling the mess of what’s useful and what’s cumbersome, unhelpful or down right harmful. Thought patterns, behaviours, what you give away and what you receive. The whole universe is based on flow… the flow of energy. The faster the energy the lighter it is and formats sound, thought, ideas and concepts, even beliefs (which are merely thoughts that you have accepted as your truth and then continued to identify with). The slower the energy the denser and more solid it becomes and enters the realm of the material plane becoming ‘stuff.’ From your physical body to your car to the planet which we inhabit…

Your chakras are the energetic receivers and transmitters of that universal flow… they don’t discriminate; good, bad or ugly, if it’s energy they’ll suck it up, interpret it and then attempt to spit it out! I like to describe chakras as tv sets. They don’t know the difference between a Disney cartoon and Freddie’s Nightmares they simply transmit and receive… you on the other hand are equipped with a remote and as soon as you recognise that the channel you’ve chosen (the frequency that’s being received) is a horror movie, change the channel! But how do you know? Well, how does it feel? Are you enjoying it or is it making you scared shitless? Are you feeling uplifted or glum? Is your health and vitality soaring or are you tired, drained and feeling ill? Do your energetic filters need a good clear out?

Imagine if you will an amazing water fall of pure clear spring water, infused with Archangel Gabriel’s Diamond Ray Energy, step under the water and let it run down the central column of your chakras, first entering your crown, passing down through your 3rd eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and finally your base chakra before running through your legs and out of your feet to rejoin the flowing crystal water. As it passes through each energy centre visualise the chakra spinning like an old vinyl LP, turning crystal clear like the diamond water and then changing to its natural healthy colour: violet crown, indigo 3rd eye, blue throat, green or pink heart, yellow solar plexus, orange sacral and red base… Doing this exercise in the shower makes it twice as powerful as you can let the actual water wash away any residue that’s attached itself to the outside…

There now, that should give you a good start… a fresh start.

More later… x


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