Ho long do you afford yourself to assimilate new information? In such a fast paced environment as the 21st century is, we as a culture seem to demand immediate action, whether the time it takes to prepare or purchase food, the speed at which our vehicle’s travel, email response time… how long is long enough?

I’ve just taken a few days off from posting, not because I didn’t want to communicate with you but because how I was feeling, I was incapable of communicating… over the weekend I was asked by spirit to do some energy clearing work as part of my divine service to the planet. It was powerful to say the least but what was even more powerful was the past life experience that surfaced for me as a result. I was forced to peel another layer of the onion so to speak. If you have ever experienced a past life regression you will know that it can stir up some quite turbulent emotions as some of your behaviours in this current life are given an origin and repeating patterns are identified. Now, I don’t suggest that you do it by yourself if you are interested in the process (there are plenty of practitioners out there), but what I do want you to do is slow right down when you’re dealing with what surfaces during your spiritual practice.

For me, issues of equality, worth and freedom of expression were all underlying themes in my past life and I’m so pleased that the experience of that lifetime has led me to create The Wholly Grail in this one. My favourite Principle: I AM Truth (and the first one I explored for myself, consciously) was most in evidence… but the truth takes time if you haven’t yet explored it for yourself.

No matter who is demanding an answer, no matter how pressing and insistent they may be, take your time… the world won’t end whilst they wait (and if it does then your answer won’t matter).

More later… x

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