What happens when the cup runs dry?

The individual Principles of the Wholly Grail are there as antidotes to the stresses and strains that life bestows, bringing you inner peace and respite from external and internal drama, but what happens when you get so out of balance, so disturbed by the happenings going on around you that several of the Principles fall of the table knocking the proverbial cup clean over and emptying it out? In basic terms your energy, mental, physical and emotional resources hit an all-time low and your fight, will and resistance to illness dissipate.

For a while you might carry on but the tell tail signs of a lack of drive, enthusiasm and zest for living will be conspicuous by their absence. Others will sense a flat texture to your energy and no matter how much you smile on the outside, what they witness with their eyes they will be unable to reconcile with what their souls sense on a deeper level. Their truth will be confused if they do not trust the intuitive whisperings of their higher selves but more importantly your truth can only be disguised for so long when there are no resources to maintain the smoke and mirrors.

So what do you do?

Rock bottom isn’t a nice place to be but it is a place where great healing takes place. It’s a place of profound change through learning and if you are lucky enough, perhaps with the aid of the angels, once you climb out, you will never have to visit this place again.

Though it is the 6th Principle: I AM Self-Full is the first place to start when there’s nothing left in your energetic storehouse. It means attending to your physical health first with proper nutrition, sleep, hydration and oxygenation/exercise. Introduce Principle 1: I AM God, by indulging in self-care activities such as massage, home beauty treatments and recognising that you are worth your own time and attention. Self-Fullness requires that you say no to anything that saps your energy so relinquish unnecessary commitments, appointments and demands… focus on what’s important… not to others but to you. Next, it’s time to combine creativity with finding yourself some happy… creativity unused or poorly managed, can be the very fire that burns you out so channel this precious resource into something fun… why do you think I started baking?

The angels will help you to prioritise what’s necessary and you can surrender anything you cannot control to them. Archangel Azrael will offer you safe space to let go and will help you grieve for what’s gone whilst Archangel Haniel will surround you in grace and help you to honour your own sensitivity and cycles of energy… none of this is possible though until you indulge in the most powerful healing tool on offer… you must meditate.

In just a few moments of silence – within and without, you can reset your Grail Quest to ready and your Grail cup upright ready to be filled.

Have a Self-Full weekend, you’re worth it.

More later… x

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