Chaos might be defined by mum’s with small children as a disorganised mess… I’m not so sure. You see, that disorganised mess can be organised, tidied away, structure provided and over time order restored, it’s ultimately controllable… even if it doesn’t feel like it in the moment. Life on the other hand…

We try continuously to assume some kind of control over our own lives, to make, to a certain extent at least, the rules and boundaries by which we want to live. Like the toys that mum is trying to control, we put areas of our lives in neat little boxes and hope that nobody will notice that some are overflowing and that some are just full of junk… from the outside at least we can fool ourselves into believing that we’ve got it together, but then there’s the unknown factor…

If we are all making rules and boundaries, if we all have neat little boxes, what happens when your shit gets mixed in with someone else’s shit and your rules and boundaries don’t match their rules and boundaries? What happens when all those thousands if not millions of seemingly unconnected decisions being made by far flung individuals clash and jockey for position… who is in control?

Chaos is a constant, that’s why you cannot keep the Grail, that’s why it is a life long quest. You may be mistakenly walking this path thinking its leads to organisation and reprieve from the chaos but that’s a grave mistake to make and it will ultimately lead to disappointment… what this quest leads to, the inner peace that is promised, is far from a reprieve from the chaos, it’s a release from needing to control it and an acceptance that chaos is a powerful place of creation and recreation and once you let go of trying to control creation and let a Higher Power take care of the details, miracles are born.

We just passed through a new moon and a partial solar eclipse, those that are in the know are predicting big changes, a letting go of the events of the last 6 months… don’t grip, let chaos open those neat little boxes… it’s time to face whatever’s inside holding you back.

More later… x

Ps. That link I’ve been threatening: it’s coming. I’d like to blame a technical hitch but it’s more to do with technical incompetence on my part… I nearly gave up and broke down but I’m a big believer that breakdown leads to breakthrough… hang on in there with me x

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