Do you jump from one impossible situation to the next with what seems like a relatively short period of respite between crises? It’s the first Monday of the month upon which it has become my custom to furnish you with a Grail challenge… just because life isn’t challenging enough.

Today’s challenge takes Principle 5: I AM Liberated and Principle 6: I AM Self-Full to provide you with the scope to overcome the constant onslaught of another thing to deal with.

Behind the 7 Principles for inner peace that The Wholly Grail rests its philosophy upon are several Grail Mechanics, one of which is known as The Hydra… Though a mythical beast and no physical evidence has been found outside of Hollywood to suggest it’s origins are anything but legend, it does serve as a perfect analogy for the recurring themes that occur in your life… you cut off one head and two more grow in its place.

So why the 2 Principles I’ve chosen to finally slay The Hydra?

Its human nature, especially when faced with an emergency, to solve the short term issue or deal only with the immediate threat. Long term thinking is relegated to the “for another time” box whilst calm is restored and there is space to format a plan… but… when there is calm we forget to deal with what now doesn’t seem like a problem as all is quiet on the western front. The very next time we think to address the issue is when the problem resurfaces and slaps us in the face with another crisis. Too late and we’re back under threat from a much more ferocious multi-headed, how-do-you-kill-it-for-good problem.

Principle 5 is focused on letting you out of your own personal prison, not by increasing karmic debt but by reducing it. Principle 6 asks you to put your own needs first but in this case the two together demand a slower, more researched, considered response. You do not need to react to a crisis with immediate knee-jerk solutions, so the challenge today is to back off, take a breath and a pen and piece of paper and start constructing a plan. Let the plan contain a short term negotiation, a mid term review and the long term solution… fix it quick schemes are only short term relief ‘day release’ passes and you are aiming for freedom from threat and persecution – permanently!

You are a Grail Knight on a hero’s journey and no knight ever went into battle without first studying his opponent and formulating a plan.

We’ve tried plan A: “One disaster at a time!”

We’ve tried plan B: “Shut up we’re winging it!”

Plan C is: “I AM competent, I AM considered and I AM ready to clean up my mess.”

Good luck.

More later… x

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