Gratitude is a universal lubricant. When you pay attention to and appreciate the miracles that already exist within your life more miracles show up for you.

I’m a lover of simple things, a girl of simple tastes and simple pleasures. I love things that are pretty but built to withstand, like the philosophy applied by the shakers and the arts and crafts movement: “have nothing in your home that you do not believe to be beautiful or practical”… but I’ve long since known that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I remember my Nan saying “it wouldn’t do for us all to be the same.”

When you can find something beautiful in something simple, a smile, a solitary daisy in a sea of grass, a crumpled note left by a loved one, a battered old chest holding a lifetime of memories… the more elaborate trappings that glimmer and shine become all but insignificant. When you take the time to appreciate that beauty is everywhere suddenly life becomes beautiful. Principle 1: I AM God embraces the divine beauty within everything and everyone.

Today I get to appreciate my lovely mum, it’s her 79th birthday and I was privileged to put my newly remembered baking skills to good use in creating her some cakey bun for her big day… my mum is my hero, she makes me smile and every moment I get to spend with her I am grateful for.

This Sunday is Mothers Day in the UK, show some gratitude for the greatest gift you’ve ever been given… the one you take most for granted, the one that gave you life… if you’re spending the day without her, know that she never really left, look in the mirror and smile, you might just catch a glimmer of the beauty she instilled in you.

Blessed be the child that remembers the greatest blessing there is.

More later… x

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