I’ve found myself daring to dream just lately, something I’ve been avoiding for a while in an attempt to deal only with the thing immediately in front of me, but I caught a glimpse of something wonderful when I let my mind and my heart wander together hand in hand…

Though Principle 2 recommends that you stay present in the moment and not cerebrally proceed to far into an imagined future that has no real substance, it doesn’t ask you to abdicate the power and magic behind hope and belief. It’s purpose is merely to help you distinguish between what you want and what you have already, and to help you to appreciate both in a state of constant gratitude but without attachment to either. What you have can be taken away as everything in life is transient, and what you want may never arrive, at least not in the form you expect… better then to give up the expectation and replace it with a kind of open anticipation of something wonderful coming into and filling your life. This is what a dream should be.

The law of attraction responds to anticipation positively and providing you’re not anticipating hardship and grief then the results should be positive too.

So as I’ve been daring to dream, I’ve allowed myself a little artistic license with the details, all the while understanding that God will decide the ultimate form in which my dream will take place. He will decide the time and the place and asks only that I stay open to receiving the magical unfolding of destiny as and when the stars are aligned and that I release all baggage and burden in the meantime to make way for my dreams to enter my everyday reality. This is the practice of being Open-Hearted as in Principle 7, allowing the door to my life to remain open to the comings and goings of others as they choose… some choose to make a home in there and stay, others prefer to just visit, but all who enter are changed by the love there and that will stay with them regardless of their continuing journey…

So as I dare to dream, dream about my goals and the gifts the universe is about to bestow, now that I am empty and space has been created, now that I stand in hopeful anticipation without attachment to how or when the dream shows up in reality, one task remains before the cosmos delivers all the components necessary to illicit the realisation of that vision of me that my heart and mind dreamt up whilst wandering together…

Principle 1: I AM God, therefore I AM worthy and as nothing is separate from God, these circumstances already exist within me and the dream is already mine.

Do you dare to dream?

More later… x

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