Darn Lucky To Be Me

Having just been out in the front garden chopping back all the dead bits and battling with the high winds in the process, I was so taken aback by the level of burgeoning new growth hidden under the detritus of last years decaying leftovers. I love spring and it seems to be very early this year but I don’t think that’s an accident… Mother Nature knows what she’s doing and I for one won’t argue with her.

Now there’s an element of “don’t speak too soon” in my words but it comes with an underlying knowing that whatever the weather is doing I personally have embraced my own spring in terms of my mood, my outlook on life, my level of hope and optimism… you can feel it when everything is on the verge of bursting into life and its here. I normally get into this flow round about April time so I’m excited to be here early this year because I’d like very much to share it with you.

How can I give you this feeling ?

We spend so much time in our own heads that we miss the very world going on around us, so just for today I’d like to set you a challenge to embrace Principle 2: I AM Detached… The second Principle is all about being present here in the moment and learning to be in gratitude for what is, whatever else is going on in your world. After finishing my work for others yesterday, I threw myself into physical stuff, chores if you like, but instead of begrudgingly tackling the mundane stuff I stayed in the moment, got with the programme and enjoyed every minute: washing, cleaning, shopping, changing beds and then baking an enormous chocolate cake! Oh yes it sounds like a day from hell but refocus for a moment and understand this: I have a home to keep clean, a bed to sleep in, clean clothes to wear, food in the fridge and… er… actually not much chocolate cake left (or at least there won’t be once my big brother arrives in the next hour or so). I then spent my evening pampering myself and embracing Principle 6: I AM Self-Full, complete with amazing smelling essential oils of patchouli, ylang ylang and vanilla so by the time I climbed under that big fluffy duvet I felt happy, fulfilled, cared for and actually pretty darn lucky to be me… I woke up early this morning, happy to be alive, the sun was shining and the flowers in the garden were calling my name so I obliged by giving them the same attention I gave my home and myself yesterday.

Attention, that’s the key and we all love attention, everything in your universe grows when you give it attention whether it’s positive or negative so today put you attention on something beautiful and stay with it for as long as it fascinates you. Identify 5 different trees whilst you’re out walking, see what shapes the clouds are making, watch the birds gathering early nesting materials, dance, sing out loud, give yourself the gift of your time…

It’s a beautiful day, you’re beautiful, the world is beautiful. Appreciate it, (and if you get chance eat chocolate cake).

More later… x


The Humble Seer

Grail Oracle 1 Grail Oracle Violet

I pulled this oracle combination for you this morning and then left it to one side for a while whilst I allowed it to filter into my consciousness. I wasn’t suprised by the synchronicity as I work with oracles on a daily basis but this one seemed particularly poignant for me and several others that I have worked with this week.

The Humble Seer combines the 1st Principle of The Wholly Grail: I AM God with the violet energy of the crown chakra and is the point where divine insturction meets destiny and free will seemingly gets overridden. I say seemingly because there is always a choice, but there is moment in many people’s lives when they are confronted with so much evidence of a greater plan that when they look back over the events of their lives the pattern is so apparent that everything that has occurred to them and for them has been leading up to this singular moment or mission.

Overwhelming as it may seem at this time you are being asked to suspend disbelief and step fully into your unique role here on the planet as you now understand that you make a difference… no matter how small and to how few, your contribution is so key to the bigger picture that one way or another the universe has and will continue to push you towards the inevitable conclusion… in other words: you got on this rollercoaster and there is no getting off.

When this oracle selection shows its face we often slip into a mode of questioning our self-worth: “how can I possibly be that important?” and then we shift into asking “what if I screw up?” You have been preparing for lifetimes for the task you came here to do and God doesn’t make mistakes… neither will you. Whatever the outcome of your next steps, everything is as it should be.

Confidence is key and on that note… I believe in you!

More next week… x

On or Off The Planet

Occasionally, perhaps even once in a lifetime comes something so big that it almost knocks you on your arse.

A few days ago after teaching meditation to a group I received what is sometimes termed a ‘download’ from spirit. Two nights of no sleep as the information filtered into my consciousness brought to the fore a whole pattern spanning my life, my work and my relationships and suddenly in a cathartic rush everything made sense… a series of flashbacks mapped the synchronicities along my own personal path that have led to this point. I have a purpose.

Of course everybody does and I don’t want it to sound so dramatic, what I’m trying to articulate (I think) is that we are rarely given a glimpse of the bigger picture and the role we play in the greater whole. Often we just do the best we can from moment to moment following our joy (or pain for those of us who haven’t awoken enough to recognise there’s a choice) towards an unknowable conclusion, but if you catch a glimpse… it’s breathtaking, terrifying, blissful, awful…

Why the mixed blessings? Humanity are rarely equipped to see beyond the scope of their own experience, it’s too big and we start to question whether or not we are up to the job. I suppose it’s like becoming a parent for the first time and realising that you are no longer just responsible for yourself and that life and death are now sitting firmly within your hands, that’s why terrifying and wonderful all at the same time.

No matter how far you can see, no matter how small or large the task, no matter the size of the cog in the machine, you are irreplaceable. Nobody else on or off the planet, can possibly do the job you were sent to do. Only you have that particular genetic code, that fingerprint, those unique experiences, that singular perspective, only you can play the part set aside for you by the Greatest Magician there is and when you grasp that, you yourself become the most vivid and powerful version of you because you understand in high definition that comparing yourself to anyone and anything simple becomes an exercise in futility.

Principle 1: I AM God and Principle 4: I AM Truth. You are too.

More later… x


To be so Naked

On the first Monday of every month I like to set my fellow Grail Knights a challenge, after all that’s what a quest is: a series of challenges to be overcome that when read as a story, your life story in this case, create an epic adventure. Of course you don’t need me to set you challenges as they come fairly thick and fast in their own right. Challenge promotes creativity.

Creative solutions are the product of an open, free mind and that’s what I’m challenging you with today. I’ve found myself conforming to certain beliefs, certain ways of thinking about my own life and the people within it, ways of communicating and understanding each other. We all do it, we become accustomed to routine, but I suddenly realised yesterday that the information I was absorbing from the personal messages I receive from those near and dear may not be what I think they are, in fact they may not have even been aimed at me in the first place!

We love to jump to conclusions as communication is far from an exact science… we all know that what’s being said is only about 10% of the message and the rest is hidden in subtext, how it’s said, what didn’t get said etc. It’s all a bit complicated really, not to mention confusing, so here’s the thing: not just for today but for the whole of February, now that Mercury is direct and we can no longer blame it’s retrograde manoeuvres for our inability to make ourselves understood, I challenge you to find a creative solution to the multitude of ways in which you miscommunicate your intent and allow your truth to be up front and in full view.

It takes a very brave and very special kind of Grail Knight to be so naked and vulnerable but Principle 4: I AM Truth is your guide and friend.

More later… x