Life can be pretty confusing. You don’t understand what people do, say and feel, and the truth is you’re not meant to. It’s like being a part of a huge game of charades where the rules haven’t been explained to you… Did you guess right? Is it your turn? This guessing game of human interaction is intensified by your own feelings and insecurities, your history and experience and compounded further by a small almond sized part of the brain called the amygdala. This little gem stores information about historical triggers… when this set of circumstances (or at least the feelings and apparent emotions) occurred last time, what did I do? How did I escape the threat? How did I overcome? The problem is, this little life saver is constantly on autopilot and doesn’t know how to analyse new data (yet), it has a pre recorded flight pattern with no alternative route and it rarely waits to see if the other plane you are on a collision course with will take ¬†evasive manoeuvres thus avoiding the crash… it acts on programming.

What if you’re wrong?

Like I said, life is confusing. At this point in the game you are going with what you think you know, but a wise man/woman knows he/she knows nothing and its that state of innocence that allows us to learn and to experience new life and new love.

Sure, your amygdala is a self preservation mechanism, but it’s constantly set to historical reference; being present, observant, open in the moment hands-down beats what happened last time simply because there is missing information, and people have a habit of surprising you.

Principle 2 of The Wholly Grail states I AM Detached, it means I’m present, I’m open to something new, no expectations, just an appreciation of what’s directly in front of me. I’m taking the world at face value like a child free of prior conditioning. Today, give your life-saving almond the day off when it comes to inter human relations, assume a clean sheet and allow the world to surprise you. You don’t need to react… breathe, absorb, think, respond.

Before you respond, ask yourself “what would love do?”

More later… x

(Look out for the link coming in just a few days to lead you further into the Grail).

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