Grail Oracle 3Grail Oracle Blue

It seems that these two energies are in hot demand at the moment, one being Grail Principle 3: I AM Human and the other being the royal blue of the throat chakra. This combination is known as The Keymaster, as it’s name suggests, it holds the key to letting you out of your own personal prison.

This week I have been working with quite a few people and have noticed a common thread that comes to the fore with this oracle pick and in this case its the subject of abuse. Now being the day before Valentine’s Day we don’t want to think about relationships in those terms but I’m just interpreting the oracle as it relates to the general wave of universal vibration…

Principle 3, as we have already seen in a previous oracle combo (The Perpetual Punishment,) is all about forgiveness, but when it comes to abuse can we truly forgive? That’s what I’ve been exploring with clients and students this week and also what I’ve been exploring for myself. Whether it be historical or current, emotional or physical, abuse is usually a silent energy-drain that even when it has stopped, keeps you firmly fixed in a victim mentality. You keep telling the story of how this person did this to you and how awful it was, and each time you recall to a brand new audience the pain resurfaces and the abuse is fresh and new. We somehow spend our time waiting for that other person to admit that they were responsible for how we feel, not necessarily to apologise but to acknowledge the role they played in our downfall or perception of it at least… and then there are the willing cheerleaders who you need on your side creating a profile of the “monster” who did this terrible thing to you.

The Keymaster is Divine Expression, and this oracle pick isn’t about abuse its about freedom. You’ve told that story, you’ve painted that picture, you’ve shown the world the bruises (and poked them when they’ve faded just in case the world doesn’t believe you any more), but the story isn’t the story of some other person with a whole load of power over you, the story is your story and how you gave and are still giving that power away. Tell it differently. Instead of telling the set of cheerleaders how awful what’s-his-face was as a partner tell them how amazing youre doing since you let go of the anger, the hurt, the pain. Tell them how you have used the whole sorry incident as a catalyst to expose where you were once co-dependent and as a result you are now looking forward to sharing a mutually encouraging, loving relationship.

The door that The Keymaster opens isn’t just letting you out of the trap you’ve created, it is showing you how to unlock the door the opportunities that you never thought possible… Tell a new story.

I’m ready and waiting to be your cheerleader (but I won’t be shaking my pompoms for anything less than a winner).

Happy Valentine’s weekend. May it bring you everything that’s in your new story… and eventually it will.

More next week… x

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