Having just been out in the front garden chopping back all the dead bits and battling with the high winds in the process, I was so taken aback by the level of burgeoning new growth hidden under the detritus of last years decaying leftovers. I love spring and it seems to be very early this year but I don’t think that’s an accident… Mother Nature knows what she’s doing and I for one won’t argue with her.

Now there’s an element of “don’t speak too soon” in my words but it comes with an underlying knowing that whatever the weather is doing I personally have embraced my own spring in terms of my mood, my outlook on life, my level of hope and optimism… you can feel it when everything is on the verge of bursting into life and its here. I normally get into this flow round about April time so I’m excited to be here early this year because I’d like very much to share it with you.

How can I give you this feeling ?

We spend so much time in our own heads that we miss the very world going on around us, so just for today I’d like to set you a challenge to embrace Principle 2: I AM Detached… The second Principle is all about being present here in the moment and learning to be in gratitude for what is, whatever else is going on in your world. After finishing my work for others yesterday, I threw myself into physical stuff, chores if you like, but instead of begrudgingly tackling the mundane stuff I stayed in the moment, got with the programme and enjoyed every minute: washing, cleaning, shopping, changing beds and then baking an enormous chocolate cake! Oh yes it sounds like a day from hell but refocus for a moment and understand this: I have a home to keep clean, a bed to sleep in, clean clothes to wear, food in the fridge and… er… actually not much chocolate cake left (or at least there won’t be once my big brother arrives in the next hour or so). I then spent my evening pampering myself and embracing Principle 6: I AM Self-Full, complete with amazing smelling essential oils of patchouli, ylang ylang and vanilla so by the time I climbed under that big fluffy duvet I felt happy, fulfilled, cared for and actually pretty darn lucky to be me… I woke up early this morning, happy to be alive, the sun was shining and the flowers in the garden were calling my name so I obliged by giving them the same attention I gave my home and myself yesterday.

Attention, that’s the key and we all love attention, everything in your universe grows when you give it attention whether it’s positive or negative so today put you attention on something beautiful and stay with it for as long as it fascinates you. Identify 5 different trees whilst you’re out walking, see what shapes the clouds are making, watch the birds gathering early nesting materials, dance, sing out loud, give yourself the gift of your time…

It’s a beautiful day, you’re beautiful, the world is beautiful. Appreciate it, (and if you get chance eat chocolate cake).

More later… x


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