The Resting Place

Grail Oracle 6Grail Oracle Red

This combination of Principle 6: I AM Self-Full and the intense red of the Base/Root Chakra came as a bit of a surprise to me this morning when I pulled it for you… and it shouldn’t have.

Whilst doing my morning meditation I came face to face with a human archetype of God (to me he always looks like Morgan Freeman which beats Charlton Heston hands down in my opinion, but you can make your own mind up). Putting a human face on God is usually a bad idea as it comes with all the fallibilites of humanity but for the sake of having a two-way conversation with your Higher Power, whatever that might be to you, a human face is, I find, the best way of interacting… besides, I cant really help what my psyche throws up during meditation… “Hang on a minute God, whatever you have to tell me will have to wait until I’ve managed to reconstruct this age-old image of you in my head”… counter-productive to say the least. Anyway, I digress.

God/Morgan was standing leaning against a white picket fence, arms folded, quite relaxed, apparently awaiting my arrival. I realised that this white picket fence had been in my last two meditations where God had been present, but this time I became fixated on the fence itself. A white picket fence can symbolically mean the idyllic home life that we all crave (even if in reality you would prefer a high brick wall and remote controlled automatic gates), I became determined to see what was on the other side of the fence… but God wasn’t shifting. Now I could see over his shoulder and was dismayed to notice that the house in the background was in the shadows and out of focus, at which point I noticed that God wasn’t leaning on the fence, he was leaning on the gate. I knew instinctively that the thing on the otherside of the fence that represented my goal if you like, wasn’t yet within my reach hence the shadows, and that God was standing between me and it… He turned me around to look at the vista on the side of the fence I was already on: green rolling hills and fields, low dry stone walls, basically the Yorkshire countryside (a la James Herriot) and He was slightly purturbed when I turned away from it. But, I looked back at Him, not to reject the view, to acknowledge what I had to do…

Crossing the lane toward the vista I sat myself down beneath a giant oak tree and a red apple fell and landed in my hand…

What’s all that got to do with The Resting Place?

God was standing between me and what I wanted because I am not ready to receive it, Im exhausted from all the pushing and pulling it takes to acheive goals and He wants me to take a break, take care of my own needs and look after my body… to eat well and to rest.

This combination is a sound reminder that what you want is almost here but you are not in a fit state to appreciate its magnificent abundance in full until you have had a chance to retreat, refresh and refuel.

As I pull this oracle combination for all of us Grail Knight’s and according to the wave of similar issues I’ve been dealing with in the needs of healing clients, I would suggest that we are all on the threshold of a new way of life but just as you would hit the hotel first and freshen up after a long journey before you would go out and start the party, The Resting Place is the freshen up point before you arrive at your desired destination.

Be good to yourself this week.

More next Saturday… x

(…and before anyone responds, yes, I know apples don’t grow in oak trees… Oak for strength and longevity, apple for proper nutrition, red for the relevant chakra… see?)

The Shock of My Life

Do you know the number one cause of stress and worry? Do you know what it does to your body? Do you know how I know for sure what I'm about to tell you? Let's start in the middle of those questions... Stress, worry and anxiety all have the effect of raising the levels of cortisol (literally a stress hormone) in your bloodstream which has multiple effects on your system. Firstly it causes heightened awareness, now you might think this is a good thing but that awareness is coupled with a primitive survival instinct which causes irrational anxiety and eventually paranoia when the only threat in the average day to day 21st century western environment is whether your cappuccino  is too hot and whether or not your partner is sleeping with someone else while you're apart Read More

Obscured By The Mist

I love the holy grail as a concept, it offers up many romantic legends and theories to use as backdrops to describe the 7 Principles for inner peace and happiness. It also is equally adept at providing fodder for the opposite: how to lose yourself in worrisome internal landscapes.

I spent most of yesterday fighting with myself. Actually it started the night before at the height of the full moon, when a realisation crept into my psyche and took hold… “I’ve done this before.”

Split by the realisation, obedient me cried at rebel me “stop rocking the boat” whilst rebel me was quick to point out ” this boat has no feckin’ oars and unless you’re planning on spending eternity in the middle of this lake without hope of ever reaching the mystical isle then rocking it is the only way I will get you out into the bloody water to swim!” Now obedient me was resolute in the opinion that help was on the way whilst rebel me was only to happy to go on to make obedient me feel bloody stupid…

“So what are you expecting, Nessie?” Logically of course that’s impossible, not only are we unsure of Nessie’s existence but we are in fact several hundred miles further south and on the wrong metaphorical lake… the best we can hope for is a few swans in the mist and an amphibious woman holding aloft a legendary sword, not that she is to be sniffed at you understand… that sword united a country (allegedly).

Now whilst obedient me and rebel me have locked heads in this turmoil, angelic me (the real me or higher self) is quietly whispering that this boat once had an outboard motor and that a lake is land locked so even if I never find the mystical isle, dry land is only obscured by the mist… but the other two aren’t listening, the boat’s rocking and we’re making waves.

I’ve been on this lake before (without a paddle) and I caught a glimpse of something in the mist once, something I thought might be Avalon, but it was an illusion, a trick of the swirling fog and the enchantment caused by the etheric music of words and promises… I haven’t decided whether I should keep looking for Avalon but I have decided that fighting with myself only stops me from hearing the real guidance, and in this case it’s saying the lake is the adventure and the island is not The Wholly Grail… that’s on the boat, always within me.

Principle 3: I AM Human, means I’ve already forgiven all the aspects of my inner drama for causing me to feel confused and worried… each has a place and a divine purpose… each is perfectly devoted to my ultimate protection (especially from myself).

More later… x

Rises and Falls Like The Goddess

Desire is a powerful motivator for change and change is a powerful motivator for creativity.

There’s been a commercial on tv lately for a leading brand of washing up liquid or detergent if you like, in this commercial the little boy tells his dad that he wants the bottle to make a spaceship… ok now this brand has been around for too many years to mention and those of you brits that are old enough to remember Blue Peter (a kid’s magazine programme on the BBC circa 1960- 1990, but don’t quote me on that as its an estimate), will also remember “… and here’s one I made earlier” turning just such a detergent bottle into just such a spaceship. I remember an incident where my brother and I needed said-same squeezy bottle as a weapon of mass destruction (ok a water pistol) for a game we’d invented back when kids played out on the street instead of sitting zombie fashion in front of the game console… now the thing is, at that time my mum, who looking back, was an extremely tolerant and accommodating parent, emptied the entire contents of green soapy slime out of bottle and into a jug so that the game could commence, unlike tv dad who makes the poor kid wait weeks until it’s empty.

Why is any of this important? Creativity rises and falls like the goddess. Today being a full moon for example is a time when what has been started must be brought to fullness as beyond this point energies begin to wane.

When a child has a creative idea or anyone else for that matter, if you don’t ride the wave of that creative impulse it will subside and the moment will be lost. Having said all that, desire can create a flame that burns so hot that you fail to take consequences into account… You act without thinking, speak without thinking, commit to an outcome without understanding the true path that you are taking, but if you leave it too long not only does the desire and the impulse leave you but so too does the urgency, the creativity and the energy when overthinking allows you to second guess that passion that lit the spark… fear steps in and the moment is gone forever… the squeezy bottle holds the green slime for what seems like an eternity and eventually heads for the recycle bin never to become a spaceship, blast off never occurs and in fact the child forgets that he ever wanted to build a spaceship in the first place… that kid could have been the next astronaut but now he’s heading for accountancy… not that there’s anything wrong with accountancy you understand but how many astronauts are there?

Being Open-Hearted is a skill that requires you to surf the energy flowing through the universe to you, through you and from you, when you put a halt on a desire, when you allow logic to hold back your creative impulses you place obstacles and blockages in the way of that flow, not just for your well-being but for everyone else’s as well. After all, we’re all riding the same wave.

Nurture your desires, fan the flames into passion wherein lies your destiny and the potential to change the world!

More later… x

Ps. I haven’t forgotten about that link I promised, I’m just having a little technical hitch… working on it now  (maybe fairy liquid will sort it out?)

The Emissary

Grail Oracle 1Grail Oracle Blue

Once again the royal blue of the throat chakra is prominant in this combination as it joins forces with the first Principle of The Wholly Grail: I AM God. The Emissary is the remover of obstacles as the walls that previously stood in the way of open inter-relating have been smashed down by mutual respect and candor.

When you know your worth, not monetary but something much more fundamental than that: your divine essence, you suddenly recognise that within every living thing too, leaving room for each individual to become all that they can be and actively participating in the healing of previous blocks.

Have you ever been in that situation where you’ve thought to yourself “I might as well stop talking because nobody’s listening”? Do you remember the days when the phrase “Talk to the hand…” was really popular? These are prime examples of a lack of respect, firstly for yourself and secondly for whomever you are communicating with (or not)… The Emissary has wiped away the emnity and opened channels of communication symbolising not only a healing of past hurt but also the opportunity to express real truth; meaningful, compassionate, heartfelt truth, and in doing so heralding a creative partnership where once stood only fearful apprehension.

This is the beginning of the peace talks… grab the energy and ride it to its conclusion (and make sure its conclusion is built on love).

More next week… x


A Simple Trick To It

Are you fulfilling your potential? Actually whilst we’re on the subject do you even know what your potential is? It’s something that is often mistakenly compared to success and can be the cause of great sadness if you are wandering around in a personal wilderness asking yourself the question “oh where oh where has my potential gone?” as if it’s a thing that can be lost or for that matter defined by another person…

Potential means not yet discovered, limitless possibilities waiting to be tested and boundaries waiting to be pushed, smashed even. Potential is the moment before the truth becomes apparent.

Sadness arrives when when you refuse to try… as a Grail Knight, it may be your potential to battle and tame dragons, build castles, or in real terms overcome your fears, turn them into allies and create a life full of joy, peace and abundance that is impervious to outside opinion or criticism, but the world keeps telling you that you should live up to your elusive potential and you keep listening (and feeling somewhat inadequate as a result) don’t you? That’s because you are waiting to be defined by another, by the media, by the job title you hold, by a partner, a parent etc… but here’s the thing, it’s your potential not theirs.

If you want to start exploring what yours might be there is a simple trick to it, do more than you did last time. Go further than you did last time, learn something that you didn’t know yesterday, create because your heart wants to, explore possibility and don’t be tempted to define it… You don’t know what your potential is because you haven’t reached it yet and that’s because the limits to what’s possible change every day… it’s called growth. Sadness happens when you accept that what you achieved yesterday is all you can do. Wrong. What you achieved yesterday was all you could do yesterday… today is a brand new day.

Principle 4: I AM Truth… but my truth, like my potential is not fixed… and I reserve the right to evolve.

More later…x

Want to know more about The Wholly Grail? Watch for that forthcoming link to join the quest.

Huge Game of Charades

Life can be pretty confusing. You don’t understand what people do, say and feel, and the truth is you’re not meant to. It’s like being a part of a huge game of charades where the rules haven’t been explained to you… Did you guess right? Is it your turn? This guessing game of human interaction is intensified by your own feelings and insecurities, your history and experience and compounded further by a small almond sized part of the brain called the amygdala. This little gem stores information about historical triggers… when this set of circumstances (or at least the feelings and apparent emotions) occurred last time, what did I do? How did I escape the threat? How did I overcome? The problem is, this little life saver is constantly on autopilot and doesn’t know how to analyse new data (yet), it has a pre recorded flight pattern with no alternative route and it rarely waits to see if the other plane you are on a collision course with will take  evasive manoeuvres thus avoiding the crash… it acts on programming.

What if you’re wrong?

Like I said, life is confusing. At this point in the game you are going with what you think you know, but a wise man/woman knows he/she knows nothing and its that state of innocence that allows us to learn and to experience new life and new love.

Sure, your amygdala is a self preservation mechanism, but it’s constantly set to historical reference; being present, observant, open in the moment hands-down beats what happened last time simply because there is missing information, and people have a habit of surprising you.

Principle 2 of The Wholly Grail states I AM Detached, it means I’m present, I’m open to something new, no expectations, just an appreciation of what’s directly in front of me. I’m taking the world at face value like a child free of prior conditioning. Today, give your life-saving almond the day off when it comes to inter human relations, assume a clean sheet and allow the world to surprise you. You don’t need to react… breathe, absorb, think, respond.

Before you respond, ask yourself “what would love do?”

More later… x

(Look out for the link coming in just a few days to lead you further into the Grail).

The Keymaster

Grail Oracle 3Grail Oracle Blue

It seems that these two energies are in hot demand at the moment, one being Grail Principle 3: I AM Human and the other being the royal blue of the throat chakra. This combination is known as The Keymaster, as it’s name suggests, it holds the key to letting you out of your own personal prison.

This week I have been working with quite a few people and have noticed a common thread that comes to the fore with this oracle pick and in this case its the subject of abuse. Now being the day before Valentine’s Day we don’t want to think about relationships in those terms but I’m just interpreting the oracle as it relates to the general wave of universal vibration…

Principle 3, as we have already seen in a previous oracle combo (The Perpetual Punishment,) is all about forgiveness, but when it comes to abuse can we truly forgive? That’s what I’ve been exploring with clients and students this week and also what I’ve been exploring for myself. Whether it be historical or current, emotional or physical, abuse is usually a silent energy-drain that even when it has stopped, keeps you firmly fixed in a victim mentality. You keep telling the story of how this person did this to you and how awful it was, and each time you recall to a brand new audience the pain resurfaces and the abuse is fresh and new. We somehow spend our time waiting for that other person to admit that they were responsible for how we feel, not necessarily to apologise but to acknowledge the role they played in our downfall or perception of it at least… and then there are the willing cheerleaders who you need on your side creating a profile of the “monster” who did this terrible thing to you.

The Keymaster is Divine Expression, and this oracle pick isn’t about abuse its about freedom. You’ve told that story, you’ve painted that picture, you’ve shown the world the bruises (and poked them when they’ve faded just in case the world doesn’t believe you any more), but the story isn’t the story of some other person with a whole load of power over you, the story is your story and how you gave and are still giving that power away. Tell it differently. Instead of telling the set of cheerleaders how awful what’s-his-face was as a partner tell them how amazing youre doing since you let go of the anger, the hurt, the pain. Tell them how you have used the whole sorry incident as a catalyst to expose where you were once co-dependent and as a result you are now looking forward to sharing a mutually encouraging, loving relationship.

The door that The Keymaster opens isn’t just letting you out of the trap you’ve created, it is showing you how to unlock the door the opportunities that you never thought possible… Tell a new story.

I’m ready and waiting to be your cheerleader (but I won’t be shaking my pompoms for anything less than a winner).

Happy Valentine’s weekend. May it bring you everything that’s in your new story… and eventually it will.

More next week… x

Inextinguishable Source of All Light

Archangel Uriel, whose name means Fire of God, has been my close companion this week. Have you ever noticed how, when you’re “on fire” there’s always someone wanting to steal your spark?

I mentioned a few days ago how it feels to me as though spring has sprung and my mood and energy are dancing along nicely in the warmth of the sun, under these unseasonably blue skies occurring over South Yorkshire, UK. I’m inspired, joyful, filled with light and love and enthusiasm and what I’ve noticed is that everyone wants a little piece of it… That’s wonderful because it means they are recognising what they want and how good it appears to feel… the problem is, they want a piece of mine…

Now, I’m not mean and having siblings I was brought up knowing how to share, but did you know that this good feeling stuff is actually free and in abundance everywhere in the universe? People flock like moths to a candle flame when someone is full of light but there is always a danger of their flapping wings putting the candle out.

Archangel Uriel has been working relentlessly to maintain my inner glow and keep it burning at a steady and sustained rate… here’s how you can do it for yourself:

To get that spark going… Take your foot off the gas with whatever you’re doing and get busy with some day to day physical stuff, “chop wood, carry water” as the Chinese proverb goes. For me its gardening, baking, going out for a walk in nature (or just cleaning the bath, which for some reason is when I have my coolest ideas). It’s all about relinquishing control over the stuff that’s cluttering up your mind.

Fan the flames… learn something new. Six months ago I was so stressed because I had no idea how to create this site, I taught myself and when I got completely stuck, I asked one of those siblings for help to get me unstuck… but I didn’t ask him to do it for me, that’s the key you see, fanning the flames is about recognising little by little just how powerful you are. You can sit there and say “I don’t know how” or “I can’t” or you can say ” there’s a world full of information out there and anything is possible.” Once you make even the tiniest bit of progress or have a mini aha! moment, you’re on fire…

Protecting the flame… don’t let other people’s drama deplete your energy and don’t deny them their right to fan their flames. You may think you’re helping but you are simply creating  dependency… show them the light and then let them fly towards the inextinguishable source of all light.

The fire is within you, so go on and stoke it… ask Archangel Uriel to help.

If you’d like to learn more about the art of Self-Full Living, Principle 6 of The Wholly Grail will be available later this year as a training programme in the forthcoming members area. To find out more watch out for link coming in next weeks posts.

More later… x

One of Only Seven Faces

Did you know there are  only 7 possible causes of stress that can disturb your inner peace and happiness?

Now those 7 culprits are really good at disguising themselves as millions of other external pressures but I guarantee you that if you look closer, if you do the work, your unrest will have one of only seven faces.

Next week I will be posting a link for you to sign up to receive the full downlow on the 7 causes of personal distress, it’s totally free to receive and will be sent straight to your inbox complete with some mini exercises to allay the immediate effects and highlight where in your life you need to make changes. Look out for the link in next weeks posts and join the Grail quest as a conscious Knight on a hero’s journey.

Today though, consider how amazing life could be if you could see right to the heart of everything that worries you and thus overcome the internal turmoil turning it into joy, peace and happiness…

The Wholly Grail is a journey towards exactly that…

More later… x