Paranoia is an insidious entity all of its own and if left unchecked and unchallenged it can gnaw away at even the most balanced of minds… Each aspect or Principle of The Wholly Grail is multidimensional and though they are simple concepts the do cover a lot of ground. Principle 4: I AM Truth, for example…

Last weekend I was writing about the coincidence between my actions and the oracle pick for the week (which you can view here on the site usually on a Saturday), it was about how we allow ourselves to become embittered by past events if we fail to forgive the perpetrator and how we often show unforgiveness by continuously making jibes and references to it and myriad petty offences as a result. These are classic examples of a failure to embrace Principle 3: I AM Human, but take it a little further and paranoia sets in and everything and everyone is then out to get you… at least in your head.

The law of reflection basically states that if you notice it within another then it’s present within you (whether you like it or not), but the truth is a little deeper. Fear of being judged or ridiculed by another is a sign that you have lost touch with your personal truth and that their’s is taking priority in your “things to believe” list. If that anxiety is stemming from a fear of retaliation over your past actions then its this that needs addressing…

Ask: is it true? Is it kind? Is it positive? Is it loving?

If the stuff coming out of your mouth doesn’t fit these criteria then don’t say it, this way whatever returns to you will be of similar quality or at the very least will not fit the first question and can therefore be dismissed as irrelevant offloading from a wounded heart.

Paranoia is your warning of disempowerment and a nudge to return to Principle 4: your truth and Principle 1: your self-esteem.

Oh yes and if you think this article is aimed specifically at you… 🙂

More later… x


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