Taking a wrong turn isn’t the end of the world. Each day the thousands of decisions we make, some seemingly insignificant, some having major change-making effects on our lives, all have one element in common: risk.

We risk getting it wrong all the time but what does getting it wrong actually equate to in your world? For me, following my Grail path as I try to do, getting it wrong means I don’t like the result… it means I have an uncomfortable feeling, or a distaste, maybe I cause myself pain or added difficulty, you get the general gist. For many though, getting it wrong is meeting with disapproval from an outside source.

We live in a world where there are rules and regulations, laws and legislation, put there in order to keep the masses safe from each other, it’s by no means a fool proof system but I’m not referring here to the breaking of any laws, I’m talking about upsetting individuals because you choose your own path… a path that is carved out by you, for you and doesn’t conform to the choices of those whom in the past you may have been tempted to compromise for. I’m talking about living an authentic life versus people pleasing for fear of getting it wrong.

Ask yourself which causes you more pain: standing out on a limb loving the new sense of freedom as you blaze a trail down an unfamiliar road, risking the scornful looks of those who expected you to do the opposite, or waiting patiently for their permission to begin pursuing your dreams… permission that you know down deep inside will never arrive?

I took a wrong turn at the beginning of last week: my energy went through the floor and I was almost paralysed into inaction as a result of allowing someone else’s needs to override my own. After having spent everyday since Christmas fuelled with enthusiasm, willpower, productivity and yes, even excitement for the direction I’d chosen, making real progress in fact, suddenly I was scrambling to even maintain an upright posture because the contrast was so massive from living for me to allowing someone else’s agenda to infiltrate my daily life, someone with no intention of returning that energy to me.

Sharing is very much a part of relationships and so is compromise but if it doesn’t come from both parties in equal measure then the spirit of one participant will be crushed under the strain of constant compromise whilst the other rides high on the energy, completely oblivious to its detrimental effects until that day when he or she wakes up and wonders why they were ever interested in their “prey” as the level and quality of energy they have been inadvertently siphoning has become so compromised its distasteful.

Luckily, understanding the Grail, I spotted it and choked it off at the pass… back to work now until a worthy “sharer” shows up ready to support and be supported.

Principle 4: I AM Truth allows you to measure the pain and consequences of your choices whilst Principle 7: I AM Open-Hearted will give you a heads up when your emotional counterbalance shows up in real-time… You will know you’re following both Principles when you feel uplifted, joyous, supported, loved and happy…

It’s such a little word isn’t it? HAPPY?

More later… x

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