Following on from my post on Wednesday about the need to embrace Principle 5: I AM Liberated at this time of year, I wanted to go a little deeper into the reason why juggling finance is a spiritual practice. Everything in life is a spiritual practice once you begin living it consciously and the day-to-day mundane operations like getting your money to flow is no exception… but today’s insight has nothing to do with money directly, its about balance.

The entire cosmos is constantly making corrections and adjustments to maintain balance, this is primarily because it’s constant motion, friction and subsequent growth mean that it is constantly out of balance: the dance of yin and yang, dark and light. You as an individual are a microcosm of that seemingly unending energy flow and it is this constant flow that I want to deconstruct for you today…

Imagine if you will a restaurant kitchen, a swinging door with sumptuous delights in constant flow out towards eagerly awaiting diners who feast upon the chef’s creations, good, now let’s assume that the kitchen is your heart chakra. What the diners cannot see is the other door at the rear of the kitchen which is taking in deliveries of fresh produce at a regular rate. The chef expertly takes these fresh raw ingredients and adds his skill and experience, his creativity, to produce the glorious results being enjoyed in the dining room. Now what happens when the deliveries and dishes coming out are not in balance? The food gets backed up and spoils, the chefs gets frustrated and quickly commences knife throwing activities whilst the rest of the kitchen staff start mass panic, dodging sharp projectiles and assuming they are going to be out of a job… on the other hand what if the diners consume more quickly than the deliveries arrive? When chef starts running out of fresh ingredients his creativity dries up along with his supplies and eventually he has to stop serving and close up shop to completely restock, meanwhile his diners have done a bunk to the nearest McDonald’s and bad mouthed the restaurant to everyone they passed en route.

Now there is a genius pot washer in the kitchen who has very little interest in the knife throwing and general drama going on in the comings and goings, to-ings and fro-ings of the kitchen or analogous heart chakra, this fellow is simply witnessing the entire circus in high definition and noticing a couple of things… the last delivery to arrive was a giant ornate gift wrapped box, it was taking up half the kitchen and there was nowhere for any other delivery to go. When opened the box proved to contain nothing but hot air… an empty promise of something exotic and that hot air combined with the moisture in the kitchen, had rusted the hinges on the delivery door… no room and the door won’t open, equals nothing to serve at the front.

The pot washer, unnoticed, begins using one of chef’s knives (probably retrieved from the myriad sticking out of the back door) to break down the giant box and place it, flattened along with its big red bow of promises firmly into the recycling bin and then quickly takes what little olive oil there is left in the kitchen and lubricates the rusted hinges on the back door… oh look, a long line of delivery men are waiting patiently outside to deliver small plain boxes filled with basic ingredients which when chef calms down, he can begin again and the flow is restored… Still nobody notices the pot washer (at least not until the kitchen runs out of plates, which it never does because the pot washer: your higher, humble self is a conscientious fellow unbothered by the shiny boxes that your ego chef assumes contain rare truffles, and instead continues his work, cleansing the serving dishes and tidying up the mess that everyone else is producing).

What was I talking about? Ah yes, flow. We just took a tour around Principle 7: I AM Open-Hearted. If you aren’t then check if your hinges are rusty.

More later… x

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