Are things beginning to feel a bit tight? No I’m not talking about your clothes. Back in early December I said I would leave dealing with the financial consequences of Christmas until now… not personally speaking you understand, I decided not to go down the route to ruin this year, but in terms of rolling out the Grail.

Well it’s time, you got paid early last month and you’re feeling the stretch, the credit card bills have arrived on the mat and buyer’s remorse has well and truly set in… too late for even the Grail to sort that out I’m afraid but that’s not it’s purpose, inner peace is. So then let’s look at how we deal with where we are at (after all, Principle 2 states that where you are at is where all the power is). We don’t possess a time machine so unless you still have the receipts to return the unwanted stuff I suggest you get comfortable with the fact you may just have overspent and now let’s explore the really powerful Principle 5, probably the one I least explore on account of me still learning how to implement it in my own life… I AM Liberated.

My inbox has been filled with get rich quick schemes this week and all I can say is “good luck with that.” No, if you want to feel liberated then start offloading the financial baggage. Earning more to pay for your lifestyle often means working harder, longer hours and in the process you lose sight of what’s important to you, you have no time to enjoy the things you’re working for and by things I don’t mean material trinkets and trappings I mean relationships, families, experiences… freedom. Working a 60 hour week, even in a job you love will rob you of the balance life is supposed to give you… so what to do?

Everyone I know is sorting out, throwing out, tidying up, organising; it must be a January thing, use this time then to reduce the spending clutter as well as the physical clutter… start downsizing your frivolities: your phone contract, energy supplier, cable tv, your supermarket bill, (I mean, do you have to buy your carrots ready chopped? Honestly how long will it take you with that sharp set of knives you bought for Christmas and haven’t used yet)?

None of this sounds very spiritual does it? Ah but if its inner peace you’re looking for, than practical real world steps have to be taken, you have to do the work, or you can sit and meditate on the law of attraction and abundance and ask the angels to help you… they will, and I might even tell you how to do that in a later post but the truth is that right now you have an abundance of debt, an abundance of useless stuff, an abundance of unnoticed bad spending habits and if that is all true then probably an abundance of stress… Grail Principle 5 asks you to start letting things go and the angels will ask you to do the same.

Apathy is not the same thing as peace. Make room for the abundance that you do want by getting rid of the abundance of burden that you don’t.

If you were expecting me to predict a lottery win for you… that’s my other blog 😉

More later… x

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