Motivation is a subject that I’ve just been indirectly dissecting with a beautiful friend over a coffee. She is a constant source of inspiration and support to me and conversation often turns to the quest when we get together. So, what motivates you? We can look at the subject as in having the motivation, i.e. drive to move forward but then would we actually be referring more to the energy needed to get from where you are to where you want to be either geographically speaking or metaphorically? No, what I’m aiming at here is actual motive or your “why?” which either stays at the forefront of your mind as fully conscious intention or creeps in from the subconscious without our consent.


For the sake of an example: I ask myself regularly why I want to keep posting my own Grail thought process as a blog for you all to read (though it appears to be a new thing on my website it has in fact been ongoing on Facebook now for nearly 2 years), and the reason that drives me is my motive… in my case it’s to help unravel the illusion that many of us face on our journey to find Source. That phrase actually made me laugh writing it because it’s impossible to lose Source simply because you’re it… we all are. I have been noticing more frequently though that we are finding ever more elaborate ways in which to fool people into believing that we are different and in the process we are almost fooling ourselves, tying ourselves in knots about the how’s, why’s and wherefore’s of this universe when the whole philosophy behind the Grail comes back to a single, epic, famous one-liner: “There is no spoon.”

Grasp how simple it is and the veil disappears, then suddenly everything becomes possible, nothing is important anymore except that intrinsic truth that you exist and your only motivation is to seek reconnection with the rest of existence that you have so cleverly, subconsciously through fear, ego and a desire to somehow stand out and feel special, forgotten that you were never separate from in the first place. You are special: You are God…¬†Principle 1.

Of course you can go the slow route if you like – sometimes the only way out is through, but if that’s the way you choose then choose to serve, consciously, deliberately; choose love as your guide and not your ego.

More later… x


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