Grail Oracle 6 Grail Oracle Blue

This Oracle combination brings together the royal blue energy of the throat chakra and Principle 6: I AM Self-Full, to highlight the need to heal the self through listening to the whisper within and discerning where it differs to the loud brash information that is constantly bombarding our senses from external sources.
You know what is good for you, you know what you need… whether that is silence and retreat or a new regime at the gym remains to be seen.

You are likely to receive a message today or this week from an external source: a friend, a loved one, a random advertisement that tries to sell you something… regardless of where it originates, it will be loud and proud and it will feel like someone is telling you what is best for you… but is it?
Often the opinions of others are often well meant but you would benefit from sitting with the information for a little while until you determine how that will actually make you feel, don’t automatically dismiss the idea, it may or may not be just what you need. The whisper inside you will help you understand what it means to be Self-Full even if that means disappointing a well-meaning friend. Remember, when it comes to obeying your inner voice, discern which of your pantheon of personal architypes is doing the talking: ask your goblin, your spoiled child, your jester and your saboteur to step aside and go straight to the inner sage… he’s the patient one sitting at the back of the chatter in your head… and he has the right answer.

With Love,

Jo x

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