If you have been following my blog that unravels The Wholly Grail on Facebook at www.facebook.com/AskJoJerodene then you might appreciate the added free insights that are shortly to arrive right here. If you think that is good news then you might also be pleased to note that a supercool new subscription site is in the making for those intrepid pilgrims and knights that are intrigued enough to want to go deeper into the mysteries of The Wholly Grail and its promise of inner peace and enlightenment. Don’t get too excited yet though, its all under construction and this lovely post is merely a test to check that this bit is working as intended. Pop back later for a look around and in the meantime hop on over to the facebook page or to my original site www.ask4answers.co.uk to connect.

I’m looking forward to upgrading you to a whole new Grail experience.

Love Jo x

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