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By Jo Jerodene



You just arrived at the Home of The Wholly Grail.

The first phase of the membership platform: The Seeker’s section of the site is now LIVE and completely FREE to join! Click here to sign up now or hit Become A Member on the top menu.

As the ‘Grail Knight’ full membership section is still under construction, I wanted you to know that it is being created with you in mind and will be ready soon. Whilst you are here though see what else might just open your mind…

JoJerodene.com is the place to explore the teachings and philosophies behind The Wholly Grail (and some other really cool spiritual stuff). The basics are in place as is the Free Grail Insights page: a blog that will guide you through how the Grail Principles work in real life, in real time. There is also a free reading every weekend from The Intuitive Chalice Oracle… so now you’ve arrived, stay and have a look around… become a Seeker and we will walk the Grail Path together!

You can still also catch the basics over at my other website www.ask4answers.co.uk where lots of lovely stuff is happening and you can also join me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/AskJoJerodene where the Grail is still unfolding.

I’m looking forward to joining you on your quest!

With Love

Jo x

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