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A Redundant Emotion

After recognising you always have a choice, reaching for joy and positivity, next comes a stark realisation. With this sometimes less than pleasant new found clarity you may encounter another negative tidal wave known simply as regret.

Regret is a redundant emotion. It’s counterparts: guilt and shame, also fall into the category of “ways to immediately disempower your self” and are equally as redundant in terms of actually changing anything.

Perhaps whilst indulging in your previous state of negative patterning you did something to belittle, deride or piss off someone who did nothing to deserve your lashing out (whether from fear, pain or other intense form of disempowerment), and now in your enlightened state you can clearly see the effects of your behaviour. Yes, expressing remorse of some kind may go some way towards showing the recipient of your misjudged outburst that there is indeed a human side to you but at this juncture you need to ask yourself a serious question: Am I in fact pained by the notion that I did harm to another or am I simply responding to the fact that I got pulled up over it or lost out on something valuable as a result? 

This question is about shifting your perception from selfish to service.

Now in the second instance, remorse is for oneself and regret is insincere, whilst in the first instance remorse may in fact trigger a healing for both parties… either way, regret is a redundant emotion….

Replace regret, guilt and shame with an empowered state: responsibility. “I did that.” ” I caused that.” “I acted from a disempowered position and I acknowledge I caused pain: to you, to myself, to all involved. I accept responsibility and I will do everything I can to make sure that doesn’t happen again.”

Regret has no potency except to deplete your vital energy. Regret cannot make amends. Regret cannot take action… only responsibility can do that. Be responsible.

I AM Human, or Principle 3 as it is in The Wholly Grail, is the key to forgiveness but nowhere does it state that you should indulge in regret whilst waiting for another to pardon your bad behaviour… forgive yourself, lighten up, take positive action and then the world will have reason to notice your humanity and forgive your f**k ups!

More later… x

The Uncomfortable Things

As Grail Knight’s we are occasionally asked to do things we really don’t want to do. Following the path is about being guided by those things that make you feel good and so when these uncomfortable instances arise they can feel really counter intuitive like doing the opposite of what you want or of what feels easy… and let’s face it, ease is what we are all looking to find in life.

These uncomfortable necessities are, when viewed from higher perspective, all about self-correcting where an earlier error is now potentially making the next part of the journey difficult. Like having to turn back because you forgot the keys to a very important door to your destiny.

Sometimes it’s about making peace with the past. In order for that peace to be accepted and integrated you must first open your eyes fully and look at the scars created by past decisions and actions, look at them with compassion and empathy for your former self and the former self of anyone else involved, recognising that the incidents left not just scars but also blessings changing each forever and that you are not the same people you were when those choices were made. Taking full responsibility for your actions along the way and recognising that in the quest for The Wholly Grail blame is a redundant and useless hindrance to an otherwise heroic ascent towards fulfilling the dream of your life… your life.

You must do the uncomfortable things so that they do not follow you like ghosts tearing at your soul for all eternity… doing the uncomfortable things means that you are seeking freedom from the lower vibrations of guilt and fear… seeking release from the chain’s that you forged one by one intentionally or otherwise.

Grail Knight, you got yourself here… clean up your act and where you step next will be a golden path of love, light and magical unfolding… and may angels support you in your task.

More later… x